Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • m v reddy

recent calls and missed calls not shown in disply and not in memory card

  • kenzo

i love my iphone, its my everything!

  • medo

[deleted post]so what u mean???!!.

  • larry

how can i use mp3 ringtones?

  • medo

i want to know , what i supposed to do ? , buying iphone 3g or buy anew cellphone just in limit price of used iphone 3g , i am totaly confused .

  • jammu

Allwyn, 30 Aug 2010how to add videos to i-phone 3g from my PCYou can use iTunes. To add videos to iPhone, from desktop, if you don't like iTunes then you can download copy trans manager, and use it as. An alternative to iTunes , copy trans manager is also lot faster than iTunes,but there is small catch here the videos u try to transfer through copytransmanager should be in format supported by iPhone, otherwise sometimes it wll get transfer to ur iPhone but it wll not play nd sumtimes copytransmanager will nt recognise the video file, so convert ur videos to iphone's supported format and transfer it through 'CTM'...... And ya one thng more u need to have iPhone device drivers on your system before you use CTM,device driver is found on iTunes, so simply install iTunes and then close it and run CTM, nw if you want you can uninstall iTunes, as iPhone's required drivers get saved in desktop and they dnt get removed when u uninstall iTunes.....

  • Allwyn

how to add videos to i-phone 3g from my PC

  • Anonymous

eva chakraborty, 28 Aug 2010how to insert sim cardtake a safety pin and you will find a small hole at the top of your iphone. push the pin in the hole and a sim card tray will pop out. place your sim card in the tray and push it back in. voila!

  • ajay

how can i get video songs into it from a pc suite


Which is d best case u suggest for my Iphone 3G.....reply ASAP

  • Iknow

goo goo pie, 17 Aug 2010it is like talking to a brick wall no one gives you advice on ho... moreWell no wonder the Iphone is so popular. Now sure what you mean by develop but probably want to print them right? Now in a normal phone you could just take out the memory card and transfer it to your PC. Iphone has no such a thing so you will probably have to connect it to your comp. Use whatever program you have and transfer it your comp. Then burn it or put it in a memory card and take it to a wal mart or some other place were they print pics and have them print it out. However seeing that the iphone is os popula they can probably just get it forom the iphone direct maybe

  • eva chakraborty

Eva Chakraborty, 28 Aug 2010I just want to know how to open and insert SIMCARDhow to insert sim card

  • Eva Chakraborty

I just want to know how to open and insert SIMCARD

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2010I love my 3G Apple iPhone,but lack knowledge to use it. Please h... morepls search You tube

  • shy.

how can i identify the apple phone is original if i purchase from the market.?

please let me know because one of my friend has been cheated once.

u can mail me if possible on

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2010how comme when you are using the internet it keeps freezing and ... moreI love my 3G Apple iPhone,but lack knowledge to use it. Please help me in making full use of it.I want to watch TV while on move and many more things.


dany ch, 19 Aug 2010i cant unlock my iphone since the wifi is not working, does anyo... moreyes dude..
just upgread your iphone to new version(latest 4.0.2).. and then your wi-fi is working properly after that..

  • Clinton

How can i erase all the contact on my Iphone 8gb + 3g.

  • Anonymous

Awana, 19 Aug 2010What happened on I phone I can not play video clips from you tub... morei think you need to make sure your time and date is right.

  • karan hurts

dany ch, 19 Aug 2010i cant unlock my iphone since the wifi is not working, does anyo... moreupgrade to ios 4.0.1 then all the functions will work