Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • iffi

hello dear need for assistance u need to follow that link
here it is open and install on ur iphone 3g.agter this there is no any data use while using iphone applications.

  • Need assistance

Hello I have a problem and need help.
My iphone connects to the internet 3G or Edge automaticly and I cannot prevent it. I installed bossprefs and also tried adding . into the apn. Bossprefs drains the battery. Inserting . into the apn makes the iphone so slow that it has big problems going through contacts. Can anyone help. My software is 3.0. Last month the iphone alone got me a 30 EUR bill for internet. The thing is, I only used wifi. I have not mistakenly used 3G/EDGE. This is a known problem. Please let me know if there is a solution.
Thank you.

  • praveen

Hi i would like to know Iphone3G current Price in india. i am planning to buy 3G not 3GS

  • Anonymous

Tanveer, 09 Jul 2010Please tell me: Which application can enable multitasking in my ... moreproswitcher

  • Tanveer

Please tell me: Which application can enable multitasking in my os 3.1.3? Also, how can I change my theme?

  • Anonymous

momi_einna, 07 Jun 2010hi guys, I just wanna know if there is already software that can... moreios4

  • f

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2010plz can anyone tell me how to downgrade my iphone 3g software fr... moreLog on to craiglist web site click on cell phones and look for the guys that unlock iphones probably cost about $20

  • master

put your phone in to DFU mode and use a custom firmware that'll ,bet it's helpful, master..

  • edy

I love this phone. It's actually more than a phone, it's an iPhone :D

  • uba

please can some one help me on settings,i got 3g iphone with arabic i don't know how to return to english.pls help

  • Anonymous

plz can anyone tell me how to downgrade my iphone 3g software from os 4 to the 3.1.3????? os 4 has made my fone a bit slow......

  • don147

irfan, 04 Jul 2010can facebook open without downloading itunes in moreyes

  • irfan

can facebook open without downloading itunes in plz reply?

  • puneet gupta

Dr. Petrac Wilson, 27 Jun 2010u can unlock ur phone by using ur personal computer if u want kn... moremr patric 4 pm according to indian standard time or ?

  • Anonymous

i'm having network problem..plzz help mee

  • Anonymous

abhishek nigam, 10 Jun 2010can we install some application for video recording in this phone ????search camcorder in the app store

  • need help!!

anybody know how to reset an iphone with a forgotten passcode?i just had my pc stolen so i cant restore it with the computer i last synced it with... ahhh! what should i do?

  • Anonymous

does it have a sim slot?

  • LepLak

When switching my phone on it gives me the apple icon then turn into a white screen. Can some bright spark out there advise me on what to do to get it to work?

  • Dilip Kumar.

james, 25 Jun 2010i hate my phone i have tried to download software in my i phone ... moreHow do i get the 3g setting on apple i phone just a few days back i unlocked my phone and now using bsnl no and the 3g is not workin.wat to do ?????