Apple iPhone 3G S available, no mile-long queues this time

19 June, 2009

It’s finally here folks – one of the most sought-after handsets is already available in the eight lucky countries from the first wave. The most impatient fans in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and UK are already enjoying their supposedly twice as fast shiny new Apple iPhone 3G S.

Two more waves of countries will receive the iPhone 3G S in the following two months, taking the final number to a whopping 74 countries.

Unlike when the first two iPhones releases there are no endless queues in front of the Apple stores today. However this is mostly due to the fact that this time Apple allowed advanced home-delivery orders of the new iPhone 3G S. Well that and maybe the pretty steep pricing of the new gadget.

We remind you that an unlocked iPhone 3G S costs 619 euro (for the 16GB version) or 719 euro (for the massive 32GB of internal storage) from Vodafone Italy. Of course that price goes way down if you are willing to sign a contract. For example, here goes T-Mobile Netherlands price list, which shows that you can get the iPhone 3G S for free on a 65 euro/month contract.

If you are yet undecided whether it is worth spending that kind of money on an upgrade or whether it's a good time to jump on the iPhone bandwagon you are welcome to check out the upgrades that the 3G S puts to the table over here.


Reader comments

  • Nikki

iPhone 3G S is out in Spain... maybe a handfull of people managed to get one but I haven´t been so lucky.... travelled round loads of Movistar shops only to be told they don´t have them in stock. I might have to wait 2 months to get my hands on one...

  • Anonymous

It's a pitty seeing iphone user were stubborn user that would vote iphone the best and trying to lie on the iphone weakness. This would make all user that chosse iphone over something else be judge badly by non iphone user. Apple did bring evolu...

  • Anonymous

and you really beleive apple is any better?! any less of an 'evil corporation'? oh the innocence... the sweet naive innocence...

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