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  • pJx
  • 09 Sep 2023

if people are still using this phone in 2023

maybe its time to upgrade

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    • Anonymous
    • 3SI
    • 13 Nov 2022

    The white iPhone 3G(S) is very beautiful, but the black one is too when it is in good shape. The 3G(S) had black front bezels and a white back, something Apple returned to with the iPhone SE 2020. I always liked this setup on the Sony Xperia Z, Z1 and Z2 as well.

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      • Ane
      • 27 Oct 2022


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        • QuocDuUnsignedUp
        • xjH
        • 04 Sep 2022

        TechNerd, 09 May 2021I actually have this phone and it is a good collectable dev... moreno

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          • Lxm
          • 05 Aug 2022

          RazDum, 19 Jul 2022Are you crazy?It's called sarcasm.

            MilkCake, 19 Jul 2022Typing from it, I've always loved this since 2005. Bou... moreAre you crazy?

              Typing from it, I've always loved this since 2005. Bought one for 10,000$ one night and I never regretted it, in fact, I have downloaded like 15 games and yes it does heat up fast. But if you do some modding you can get iOS 15 on it + you can mod it to iPhone 13 specifications. It was a complicated process but I did it and I now use this as my daily driver. Out of all phones this beats them. I've got everything on it — from family photos to flappy bird.
              I love this phone.

                Anonymous, 15 Apr 2022I'm typing on this phone, still good for the basics (c... moreHow

                  Hey how do you jailbreak it? Thanks

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 3Ac
                    • 15 Apr 2022

                    Anonymous, 12 Apr 2022It's shocking how people are reviewing a 2009 phone ba... moreI'm typing on this phone, still good for the basics (calling,messaging and browsing) If you have this phone I suggest you to jailbreak it

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                      • Anonymous
                      • F0B
                      • 12 Apr 2022

                      It's shocking how people are reviewing a 2009 phone based on a 2022 (2021) experience, of course the experience will be bad, it would be crazy if the phone acted fine, phones get obsolete, meaning the new apps we have are more demanding and require more resources than the older phones can offer, it has 256mb of ram, and your phone will be very slow in 2022 with 2gb ram, (4gb minimum is what I currently recommend).

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 3SI
                        • 10 Apr 2022

                        Anonymous, 29 Mar 2022To the guy that typed his comment on a 3GS, there are a few... moreImagine being so mad that a 13 year old iPhone still works that you feel the need to write a paragraph personally attacking that person.

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                          • qPS
                          • 29 Mar 2022

                          Anonymous, 05 Feb 2022Fun fact: It's 2022 and I'm accutaly typing this ... moreTo the guy that typed his comment on a 3GS, there are a few things I want to say... 1. The 3GS is only usable to any extent because it got iOS 6. It is like installing windows 7 to an old PC. 2. Nobody asked and your input is generally useless. I mean I can tell you I am using an iPhone 6 Plus right now on iOS 12, but does this knowledge change you, the viewer’s, life? No, your comment is useless... though I guess ironically, so is mine. The comment I made here to disapprove of yours is equally as useless as I claim yours is. It is a uselessnessception. My input is worthless and people here are probably thinking that we’re both generally bad at making comments. I can picture each person that sees this being like “what the-“. Maybe I’m over thinking this. I’m tired.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 3Ae
                            • 05 Feb 2022

                            Fun fact: It's 2022 and I'm accutaly typing this on my 3GS and it still works good for its age

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                              • Mad about apple
                              • 0Cm
                              • 01 Feb 2022

                              Looks good, but from inside no use!!! when, I bought this thing like 10 months ago, i inserted my sim, and for checkup, i tried calling the landline, and instead it said, that this won't go local, but ISD CALL ONLY!!! I thought the problem might be in the SIM, so I removed and inserted it again!! Again problem!!! Then I deleted the data!!! And I selled it to someone for a very good price!!!

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                                • 3SI
                                • 27 Dec 2021

                                Flint and Steel , 23 Nov 2021This phone acts really weird whenever I go onto YouTube. So... morebro this phone is 12 years old now, the Galaxy S3 was 3 years newer then this of course it may be better then

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                                  • raja kurcaci
                                  • 6cI
                                  • 15 Dec 2021

                                  Anonymous, 08 Nov 2021I am typing this on 3GSoh my god really, thats amazing

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                                    • Flint and Steel
                                    • 427
                                    • 23 Nov 2021

                                    This phone acts really weird whenever I go onto YouTube. So recently (Note: I'M REMAKING THIS NOTE FROM A 2012 REVIEW), It doesn't even have FM Radio? Like, Ok? I tried loading a Sudoku app, Literally took 13 tries in only 5 minutes, like really? The Wi-Fi Bar doesn't even appear, I'm like sitting here on my Smart Television with nothing to watch and it's boring, 256MB is not even enough to run a whole Instagram Account, 1400mAh is really bad, My model was really slow, When I upgraded to IOS 6.1.6, It was very laggy, But luckily I could actually run a Facebook Account. The quality of videos are really bad, I watched a 4K Video on YouTube Online, Literally only 240p? Like I couldn't even see a bear's eyes on the 4K Nature Video, The quality is really bad while watching the Patrick In Low Quality Cranks To Soulja Boy Meme is was way bad than the original quality, Apple come on, I got a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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                                      • U@x
                                      • 08 Nov 2021

                                      I am typing this on 3GS

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                                        • t@g
                                        • 05 Oct 2021

                                        AlexiaFox, 29 Jun 2021This can somehow still play YouTube videos on its original ... moreIt is not surprising, because youtube support HTML video player, so any phone browser with support for HTML format like video player or website can play video or open a website in full design not mobile format like Old Nokia symbian which not support HTML encoding

                                        The unsupported format is Flash Player which known for bug and security issue, however even it is can play youtube, because of low ram some website with high data will crash, so it means 3GS can’t open mostly now modern website with high design