Apple iPhone 3GS gets XGA video recording through a hack

1 November, 2010

The iPhone 3GS is decisively starting to look outdated on the video front with its modest VGA capabilities. Fortunately the hacking community is right here to save it from mediocrity and bring it back on par with the best.

Well, the iPhone 3GS isn't at the HD stage just yet but it just hit 1080 x 800 pixels at 30 fps. And the best news is you can mod your phone yourself as long as it's jailbroken. The helpful hacker released a detailed step-by-step guide (check out the source link) that lets you lift the VGA video recording limitation of your 3rd generation iPhone.

And just to make it clear that he isn't fooling around, the guy behind this gave us this splendid video he captured with his newly modded 3GS.

The framerate doesn't look all too impressive at this stage with some stuttering to be noticed even with that kind of slow camera movement but for a first attempt it's more than good.

If any of you decides to try this, feel free to drop us a line in the comments and tell us how it went.



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  • MVP

please how can I pimp my iPhone 3GS.....I jst got it....please reply me ASAP

  • dude

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