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  • yhet

I am calling my wife abroad, it remarked " ur call cannot be connected, pls. hang-up & try again latter". I used another sim card w/ a different service provider. The unit rings and I called twice. the 3rd time same remarked again " ur call cannot be connected, pls. hang-up & try again latter". What a heck! Is there a feature that a particular caller # can be prevented from calling the unit?

  • rose

Is siri available as free in app market and will it function fully in iphone 4?

  • Anonymous

sean, 09 Jan 2013guys need help! can i unlock my iphone 4 it from my morecall the carrier and ask them to unlock the phone....

  • sean

yes no network..bec its still locked with softbank..

  • becky

no net work with sim card installed

  • Betty

To a gift

  • sean

guys need help! can i unlock my iphone 4 it from my mom..prev carrier was softbank..i really want to use it bec its too expensive to have it unlock with the technician its too much..onyone guys knows how to do it or how??tnx..need it asap..tnx guys/..

  • sean

AnonD-77892, 05 Jan 2013You can check it manualy if your iphone is factory unlock by jus... morewhat sofware can i use to unlock my iphone4?its lock with sofbank..tnx...

  • sean

Peanut, 01 Jan 2013My sis and I got this phone as a Christmas present. It's locked ... morehow can i unlocked my iphone4?its from softbank..i cannot used it here in the phil..tnx..

  • AnonD-81875

Donn, 07 Jan 2013Just got iphone 4 today and im lovin it!:) nobregrets:)What rank for its camera quality ? Good ,Better or Best ? Im curious want to.know :3 before i buy it next month xD

  • AnonD-81875

Huh ? Talk nice please . I just want to know . If you dont want to answer my last question,JUST IGNORE it !!! Im not hoping for you to answers mine . Other user maybe can help . Lmfao . XD

  • Lovepreet

sua, 04 Jan 2013video call with skype in apple 4 is possible are notyes offcourse you ca do video calling on skype but it can be possible over wifi

  • swabe

Ive had htc sensation xe and my wife has a samsung glxy s3 right now. One thing I can say, Iphone 4 is better. Do not waste your money with android. So many lags.

  • Nomi

u can use ifun box for trnsfrng ur data 2 phn or phn 2 pc.
itx so simpl n Owsum.

  • Donn

Just got iphone 4 today and im lovin it!:) nobregrets:)

  • AnonD-81579

Hi, i am from India. I am using vodafone sim card in iphone4, when i try to activate personal hotspot it says " to activate personal hotspot contact vodafone India". What crap is this?? My phone is factory unlocked and i can use any SIM in it, then why doesn't it allow me to activate the hotspot feature. I have used the same SIM in android phones and hotspot feature feature works without problem in android. Then why the iphone doesn't allow me to activate personal hotspot?? Help...

  • AnonD-77892

AnonD-18108, 04 Jan 2013how can u find out whether ur one is a factory unlocked or softw... moreYou can check it manualy if your iphone is factory unlock by just simply insert different sims with a different carrier. if your iphone accept them all and not ask to connect to itunes means its unlock already. and what you mean about software unlock? you mean jailbreak?

  • AnonD-77892

nieta, 05 Jan 2013then ,how about gs2 ? still got lags ?I dont want to comment on a product that i dont realy care or i dont even use or something! use the right forum please! actualy as far as i know, android still need more improvements, while iOS is stable enough. but you can ask something more about gs2 in gs2 forum thanks!!!

  • nieta

AnonD-77892, 03 Jan 2013Go to ip4 if you r app lover! No lags at all.then ,how about gs2 ? still got lags ?

  • Anonymous

iphone4 version 6.01 great piace of work,i wonder the invert color on the maine screen ,cane be changed to normal color