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Apple iPhone 4

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  • Anonymous

iphone iz the best fone around only if u live in south asian markets its way too expensive...if apple visit this page i wud request em to make the iphone available for contract in south asian markets...

  • andi

velpula, 09 Mar 2011my experience wid ip4 was a pleasant one . It was awesome . But ... moreYou bought Xperia Arc? I think Xperia Arc is not available yet anywhere else. Anyway, where or what country you have bought you Xperia Arc?

  • Anonymous

legent, 12 Mar 2011is this device with dual sim?Nope afraid not! Single sim only infact a micro sim and you'd be lucky to squeeze anything else in there!

  • legent

is this device with dual sim?

  • julie

My husband has the 16gb which was the 2nd batch of iphone 4 on the market in the uk, i have the 32gb brought when it went over to pay as you go approx 5th batch in the uk. My signal is great all the time but my husband does loss signal quiet often. I will be waiting a good few months after the iphone 5 comes out in case there is a prob with that so it can be sorted out 1st. If the iphone 5 don't come with better camera then i will just wait for the iphone 6 before bothering to buy.

  • gadgetnewsdaily

We've just recieved news that the iphone 5.0 release date will be early April 2011!

  • Poison Ivy

Any1 got SAR for Apple products ? This is kinda eliminating competition, because as it seems that all other have high SAR except Apple's products. Please add this type of tests to make them equal to competition, and to be more realistic.
Thank You

  • jay

nick, 11 Mar 2011that's interesting. you have to void your warranty just to get s... morei totally agree with you,android looks much more good looking and has much more features and tweaking without jailbreaking or rooting it.
Plus many of the applications in an iphone are thanks to google...
Respect google,they aren't as greedy as apple are.

  • nick

AnonD-977, 09 Mar 2011Why don't you start the ball rolling with some examples of this ... morethat's interesting. you have to void your warranty just to get some of the features android offers out of the box?

lets see...well there is live wallpapers, refunds on dud purchases, an open source OS so I can change, for example, the lockscreen to anything and everything i want, flash 10.1 which is just so useful, and in my case, an FM radio (i dont want internet radio)

also you cannot deny android looks better and is more fun to use. the iphone's springboard looks dated, because, well, it is...

  • Anonymous

4.3 software is avalable try it

  • Robert

!!!!!!!!!!!!It is official!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 is doing the best deals on IPhones and I hear that same is going to happen with the IPhone 5.Plus they have this amazing new plan called the one plan or something which actually gives unlimited internet,no limits,no fair usage policies which means loads of stuff can also be downloaded without going over the allowance.

  • jimmy

This phone is not even close to Sony's upcoming phones.
Apple, please add more features as you are charging too much for this simple phone.

  • Allan

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2011Driving on the highway and talking on VIDEO skype with a PERFECT... moreMy experience with skype is that it works much better if you call a computer(skype to skype)as was the case when i called my daughter on her laptop.Or skype to a landline or cell phone number, but i called my friend who has skype on his iphone4 from skype on my iphone4 and it was no good, the call would drop and there was also quite a delay when we spoke.We were both using wi fi.

  • Anonymous

the comment about seeing what motorola and sony and lg do makes no sence one could equally say that about motorola watching apple because they both have dual core processors that are already ready for market...yes apple could fix motorolas defects but equally motorola could fix apples(which there are some)

saying they where at a stalemate would make more sense

  • Bobbu

Iphone 4....lets see if it has what it takes to become the best phone in the market...

  • sam

iOS 4.2.1 Final Version Jailbroken Using Updated Redsn0w

it work check here !!!­nal-version-jailbroken-using.html

  • Aravi

guys anyone know when the unlock for ios 4 4.2.1 will be available

  • Anonymous

Driving on the highway and talking on VIDEO skype with a PERFECT connection,
that shows the power of IOS and the processing power of Iphone 4.
I have a cable connecting audio out to aux in the car stereo and a Griffin holder on the dash and handsfree conversations are so good that the people I talk to have a hard time believing that it is possible !
And legal too !!

  • Reevo

Iphone4 + otterbox defender for 7 months now. Cant live without em.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2011iphone is king of smartphone but motorola is king of superphones... moremotorola is no longer available here in the Philippines.