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  • angrybird

Guys,i have iphone 4 with me already 4 yrs,now why no notification sound and also media sound, but ringer sound funtion ok,i try every step in youtube but no point also,anyone know how to solve it.

  • AnonD-297697

I have the iPhone 4 with IOS 7.1.2 and it is positively the best phone I've ever had. I have previously owned a Samsung Galaxy Note I717 w/JB 4.1.2 & a Droid X2 w/GB 2.3.5. Nothing compares to its insane buttery smoothness. It is really reliable.

  • reji

my iPhone 4 is not opening. when I make stich on, showing iTunes symbol only. what shall I do?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-274096, 23 Jul 2014why is it that the battery gets drained after 2-3 hours of conti... moreMost electronics would drain their battery that fast. Downloading the data to display the information on the website takes up a lot of battery. Try lowering the brightness and closing any apps that you aren't using. It will without doubt keep the battery lasting longer.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2014Can I make my IPhone 4 from verzion to Straight TalkYou'd have to get it factory unlocked in order to switch.

  • Sachin

AnonD-274096, 18 Jun 2014how can download songs for free?? im having a hard time searchin... moreDownload Music downloader

  • applefever

Big Guy, 20 May 2014Guy i am going to recive an ipone4 on Agust 2014 but i don't kno... moreDont mind what model you get, both phones are pretty good depends on the way you will use it

  • Yohana A mapunda

my phone faild to connect with internet(carrier is not opened) and also inermal memory card is not functioned while there is 64GB i dont know why?

  • Rnamgayel

One of my speaker is not giving a clear sound, it sounds like the speaker is roughly hurt.
What can be the reasons & what are the best options left for me? If anyone knows and have the knowledge, i would be very thankful...

  • Anonymous

shabi, 16 Aug 2014My iphone4 am facing network problem alot even internet also sam... morei m facing network problem with 1PHONE 4

  • nikk

guyzz my iphone got corrupted and its screen faded like a white negative ...i enqueried it from apple care they said that u have to restore yur iphone i tried to restore it but it is showing again again an errror and is not downloading... plaese suggest how to bypass this.....thanxx in advance

  • AnonD-296177

how can i bypass icloud activation please tell me, if any software tools please email me
i need icloud bypass tools software urgent please help me please please please
and thank you for reading my message

  • Anonymous

my iphone 4is in the recovery mode.., what shall i do


after using i phone i can say apple is apple.
the best phone ever i had..
if i say the name is enough then i m not wrong.
class and standard of i phone 4 is quite excellent...!
fantastic phone..
if any one thinking for purchase apple phone i'll suggest go ahead don't waste time..

  • lisa

My iphone did'nt accecpt my sim

  • lisa

lisa, 18 Aug 2014He ask me to put my network nameMy iphone sim is lock, what can I do to unlock it

  • lisa

lisa, 18 Aug 2014He ask me to put my network nameMy iphone sim is lock, what can I do to unlock it

  • lisa

girish, 11 Aug 2014my iphone sim is locked He ask me to put my network name

  • jvss

chetan thakur, 16 Aug 2014freind i want to purchase iphone 4 i want to know about the phon... morei m using iphone 4 no network issues and all

  • AnonD-246472

frnds plz do video recording and tell if sound being recorded is bit low or not?plz plz im waiting frnds,