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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2010Haters and getting more hateful and hateful, hahahahaha. The ip... moreWith regards to my previous answer....Apple designed in California.....the only thing they make good is Raisins and I never liked em anyway! Designed in Calfornia and Made In China! Cheap labour...bad signal...useless apps more like for 4 year olds...I want a phone that can make calls and receive! You can't even bluetooth others phones....You HAVE to jailbreak to use others stuff...your constantly tagged with Apple being sued for Apps data leak...!!! I don't see why people should register MUGS have paid out enough for this CRAP....then paying for more apps and then have ALL your personal information leaked out! No fcuking way! Oh, don't take my word for it....check out the BBC Technology website today! Then you'll know Apple are $cum!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]More you hate and more successful iphone is, stock keeps on going up daily

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Oh, let's not spoil P%nm dream!!!! If we slate him and the Iphone off any further he might go running back to Mummy asking for another toy for Christmas!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2010Having a conversation with yourself?? Probably because you ca... moreI tried to tell P%nm bout his loneliness! He's so sad at the moment that all his friends have desserted him and the only people that will respond to him is on this forum only! He is still living the dream world thinking that all mobiles are $hite EXCEPT the Apple is god's gift to man! Wait............I'm just gonna get my sickie bag!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2010You're not honest. You're a hater. The iphone4's design is bea... moreI never said that I hated the Iphone you nerd! The design is good, yeah I admit that but what's the point in a good looking model and no performance! Would you be with a woman that looks good and you cannot touch! No guess not!
Dunno bout you geez, but I am not a Steve Jobs BUM BOY!

  • Anonymous

Haters and getting more hateful and hateful, hahahahaha. The iphone4 is such a big success. It's still selling so well now. It's the most popular item on ebay. Matter of fact, it's the only smartphone on ebay's top 10. No matter what you haters say, the iphone still dominates, huhuhuhu.

  • Anonymous

niLster, 29 Dec 2010i don't think that it's a good idea for my boyfriend to buy this... moreI don't think it's a good idea that you say anything at all :)

  • niLster

i don't think that it's a good idea for my boyfriend to buy this new iphone model, though it has better features than the other one.. but for practicalities' sake...that's no-no, coz they still look exactly the same! only the name changed!!

  • noke

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2010Hi, you have to go to itunes, search for a song, than the categ... moreno need for that u have all in cydia

  • Xmas

has any1 heard when the iphone 4 white is going to be released ??

  • Anonymous

still no signal??????????????????

  • Duel

julie, 29 Dec 2010RubbishI don't understand what you mean?

wallpaper is not theme, it's just wallpaper. You gave tutorial how to put wallaper.

This is example of theme, and it works only with jailbreaked phone

  • julie

Duel, 29 Dec 2010you can use themes only with jailbreaked phoneRubbish

  • Julie

G.DEEPAK, 29 Dec 2010Hi Brought i Phone 4 s day , it has awesome features inside i am... moreYou can use your pics as themes either by adding picasa of which my pics are stored on comp, you just syn them on comp & they will come up on mobile in the programme for picasa. You can also use itunes, go to your phone name, select photos, add you own pics from your comp. You can also get free wallpaper from itunes apps.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2010Question: what is Apple share market value ? Today they reache... moreApparently Apple has ordered 65 million 9.7" iPad screens for next year from LG, Samsung and Chimei Innolux.

  • Duel

G.DEEPAK, 29 Dec 2010Hi Brought i Phone 4 s day , it has awesome features inside i am... moreyou can use themes only with jailbreaked phone

  • Anonymous

JustAsian, 29 Dec 2010This proves that there are still people out there who waste thei... moreYou do not deserve an answer, in the world we both live in the Stock market/ market is where success and failures are measured, this product is a SUCCESS
lies remain ..... LIES

  • tintumon

my frnd shashi pannalal got th iphon it is a best phon


Hi Brought i Phone 4 s day , it has awesome features inside i am really amazed !!!, Can any body tell i can upload Themes for i phone 4

  • Anonymous

Nokia E52
I can get this phone for one-third of the price of iphone, and It has all the
features I look for in a smart phone. It is cute and small/slim. Good battery life
, GPS, EMail, Removeable memory(iphone lack), Music player, Camera, Good processor.
Man, I should I go for iphone.