Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

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  • yoy

how can i connect it to the pc?

  • mubashir

how can i reset ma iphone to get wifi networking

now i cant make connection with an wifi network

  • Anonymous

Can I make my IPhone 4 from verzion to Straight Talk

  • mufi

juve-man, 05 Jul 2014i have a LG p970 but i'm not happy in battery & processor . ... moreOfcourse. There is no comparison between iPhone n LG p970

  • lits

hi friend plzzz help me ... i wants to change my sim card but when i try it 1st it show me that no service then after on off flightmod or airmod it shows me invalid sim and sim failuer ......... how i fix it ,how i change another sim

  • Lindac

How. Do I get the voice over off it keeps coming on .

  • carl_ME

mi, 27 Jul 2014can the i phone 4 download bbm app Yes u can now download BBM APP to your IOS phone.

  • mi

can the i phone 4 download bbm app

  • krish

AnonD-285392, 20 Jul 2014When i am connected to wi fi it disconnects after a while even w... moredid you find a solution for your matter ?

  • flori

AnonD-286879, 24 Jul 2014Is it true that the I-phone 4 cannot transfer files(music/photos... moreIs possible,but is complicate ...

  • chirag

please make ios 8 for iphone 4 also in other version

  • Mrc

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2014i have a second hand iphone 4 which looks as new. I have it s... morecan u make video call with skype,imo,viber over 3G not wi-fi?????

  • AnonD-286879

Is it true that the I-phone 4 cannot transfer files(music/photos) via bluetooth and USB? Im weighing my options abt owning one. Response highly appreciated

  • Dave

Jatinder sandhu, 08 May 2014hi, i lost my iphone.i had activated find my i phone on mobil... moreHi there,

Since you have lost your Iphone 4 even I had lost my I phone 4... What you should do is go to a friend of yours who is using an Ipad or any apple device and put the phone in lost mode and it will give you an option of entering a number where you can be contacted... So once the finder of the phone connects to the internet he will get the message with your number. But don't worry even if you don't get your phone, the person who finds it will not be able to get in to your phone personal details unless he or she knows the four digit passcode that you have put on your phone... Moreover the phone will be just like a paper weight once put in Lost mode

Hope this helps you...

  • selva

Sandy, 19 Jun 2014Frnds how can I change the ringtone outside tunesyou have to load the wanted tones in the itunes and do sync..

  • AnonD-274096

why is it that the battery gets drained after 2-3 hours of continuos internet browsing//:(

  • AnonD-285392

When i am connected to wi fi it disconnects after a while even when my router is on? Please help

  • sreedhu

my mp3 player sound was lost. pls help me to resolve

  • durai

nik, 02 Jul 2014can any1 tell me his or her experience of new ios 7.1.2 You can upgrade for iOS 7.1.2 because use to smooth experience

  • hi

how to solve 3195 error