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  • Jayson in Dubai

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2010iOS 4.2 released moreI tried to check my itunes but I think it still not available here in dubai.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2010since its a rogers version. rogers simply sucks... after they ... moreRogers version? The word Rogers wasn't even in his post.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2010i agree wit ya. iPhone 4 was my first iphone ever. And i luv the... moresince its a rogers version. rogers simply sucks... after they bring chatr... they probably sharing towers and messing up with quality service. focusing more on competition against rivals.

  • Anonymous

andrew john, 22 Nov 2010first of first, first of all... its a mobile phone. the basic an... morei agree wit ya. iPhone 4 was my first iphone ever. And i luv the features, slim design, fast cpu. But the RECEPTION is low to one bar indoor and sometimes out door. No drop calls just no network signal to intially start. I SOLD IT AFTER TWO WEEKS OF USING IT. THINKING THE WHITE VERSION WILL FIX ALL GLITCH AND BE PERFECT. if there is no white version by christmas, NOKIA i'm coming back to youuuu .. N8 or E7

  • Anonymous

andrew john, 22 Nov 2010first of first, first of all... its a mobile phone. the basic an... moreyou use this phone, ? i have 2 in familt and no reception problem at all, orange france

  • Z

andrew john, 22 Nov 2010first of first, first of all... its a mobile phone. the basic an... moreWell the new updated one is much better (I know cuz I have one)

  • Anonymous

I was here., 22 Nov 2010You guys know what? iPhone 4 is actually underclocked to 800mhrz... moreso?

  • I was here.

You guys know what? iPhone 4 is actually underclocked to 800mhrz so it is not nearly 1GHRZ. This Phone is not Overclocked but underclocked.

  • Hi guys.

I use Nokia phones I admit that. I would like to tell you people something about Symbian you don't get. Firstly symbian phones don't need to be as powerfull as Android or iOS phones because it is much lighter OS to use even for the phone. Nokia has managed to get about 1000mAh battery over 11 hours of talk time and 50 hours of music. That tells something right? Secondly the processor doesn't need to be as powerfull as this 1 because it even uses small percents of 0.680 to run a game. So you can run about 30 apps with N8 30!! apps. The only thing needed to be big in symbian phones is the GPU not CPU. GET THIS POINT OK: CPU alone doesn't mean a thing. You can replace a big ammount of CPU power by making big GPU. Because GPU shares the tasks with CPU and the bigger GPU the less work for the CPU. SO in symbian phones BIG GPU lower CPU.

  • sigdel

what i liked about is its resistive touch screen and its ram ....others are not good enough ....we can say it is good....but not good it should be

  • Anonymous

Badger, 22 Nov 2010Hi Guys, been watching the ongoing slagging match going on betwe... moreDear Badger,

This is my experience. I owned the original iPhone, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4.

I have used the iPhone 4 for a few months now, which is actually in a medium to low signal area. My iPhone 3GS worked fine before, and I have not noticed any significant difference at all with the iPhone 4.

Google around, and you should find that after the 'antennagate' furore, in most places, most owners will say the same.

Also, a couple of recent surveys have also indicated that the iPhone 4 performs in general better than iPhone 3GS as Apple has said. Secondly, twice in a row, iPhone 4 has come up tops in the customer satisfaction survey, followed closely by Motorola.

This is just my personal experience, coupled with some facts which may help, or not. In the end, if you know someone with an iPhone 4, you could always try to borrow and use it in your area.

My suspicion is that it would work fine.

*By the way, I do not use a case with my iPhone 4. I prefer how it looks without one.

  • Anonymous

Badger, 22 Nov 2010Hi Guys, been watching the ongoing slagging match going on betwe... moreWell I wouldn't recommend the Iphone 4 for SURE....!

  • Badger

Hi Guys, been watching the ongoing slagging match going on between Iphone4, HTC DesireHD, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia N8 for a while now, hoping for some clarity as to which one to go for now my current contract on a Nokia 5800 has finished.
I'm not a troll (unlike many on here by the looks of things!) but could someone please clear one thing up for me -
I know about the antenna issue on the Iphone - wouldn't be a problem for me as it would be in a case of some sort anyway, but am concerned still about its performance as a PHONE in areas where the signal might be a bit weaker. Some phones just seem to cope better with weak signals than others (my 5800 is good with them, which is why I'm looking for something with similar performance)
I spend a lot of time away from home, and the wife would kill me if she couldn't get hold of me because my new phone wasn't as good as my old one!
Any constructive guidance (how your phone compares signal wise to previous models, especially if you've had a 5800 before so can compare directly) would be gratefully received.

I don't care which brand of phone I go for, have never been loyal to a manufacturer, simply to whatever is best at the time. The only caveat is that it would be on Vodafone, as they are by far the best service provider in the areas I work.

Will probably be posting this query on the forums of the other phones involved in this decision, although there appears to be a lot of owners who check out all the top model forums anyway!

Thanks in advance.

  • The Real Deal

I've had all 3 phones - iPhone 4, Galaxy S, & N8. Also had the i8910 HD for about 8 months.

iPhone 4:
- The phone is really nice to feel & use
- Signal with a silicon casing is just as good as any other phone (extra mic's a plus)
- it's not 'cripple' if you know how to make it work for you; it's almost like the i8910 HD & N8, or even the Galaxy S--you either need to root/jailbreak/hack them to bring out the best that each phone can

- i8910 was rubbish until you change the ROM
- N8's camera is really good, but you still need to do some tweaking to make the user experience better
- Honestly, the only real competitor to the iPhone 4 would be Galaxy S
- Rooting the phone & having 3rd-party application stores is almost the same as having 3rd-party application sources on the iPhone 4

The Galaxy S is good & fast. I could say it's the fastest amongst them all (personal experience). & multi-tasking is really great, but at the cost of battery life. The really annoying part having had a Galaxy S was the poor support from Samsung, as well as the incredibly unusable KIES. Had the KIES really done its job & Samsung providing updates, it should've been the best.

Sadly, as what I've learnt from having an i8910 HD & Galaxy S, Samsung only seems to care about its customers until you purchase the product. It makes sense since Samsung would rather focus its resources in putting the latest software to new products than supporting existing ones--good for Samsung, bad for customers.

Android would really be number one & the best if the fragmentation of its OS updates stops. Imagine if all Phone manufacturers just ditch they're respective customisations & sync with Google software updates, then every Android phone new & old would have the latest & best. These manufacturers could just apply their own unique changes as 3rd-party or support applications.

Downside of the iPhone 4:
- no bluetooth file transfer (biggest let-down)
- no message drafts (easily solved with a 3rd-party app)

Besides those two, it's a really good phone.

  • andrew john

first of first, first of all... its a mobile phone. the basic and very important is signal quality, reception, call quality... and i think it is poor...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You should concentrate on what a phone DOES have, and not on what it DOES NOT have. Then, check if if what it does have, suits your needs. If it does, and does it well, then great. If not, then look for another phone that does. Not that complicated.

There are many phone manufacturers out there. No need to get angry that a certain phone doesn't suit your needs. Otherwise, I have to visit 245 different phone comment sections to be angry about missing features lol.

  • leane

[deleted post]actually iphone is the most useful phone in the can do anything!!
just installed android 2.2 froyo in my iphone through bootlace nd it can even install windows can do phone can do these things samsung,no nokia,no htc or neither SE
there's a saying the best things get the most bashing nd biased comments...nd the same thing is happening to iphone...

  • Paul

I've have the phone for 3 months, I have the Samsung galaxy s I-9000 from T-mobile in macedonia... The 2 phones are great, the galaxy is way better for customizing and some other things, you know Anodrid :) iPhone is for apps, mostly games, it loses its purpose for a phone, i use it for games more than calls... but thats that, the phones great :) If you love playing games, and much more stuff, get the iphone. If you want the next best thing get Samsung. I love them :) the best phones on the market :)