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  • murat

i don't understand you can you buy a phone, which can't even handle proper calling? just to show off? it doesnt look good either...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2010lol , dumb questin itsems , dude , first atleast learn to tell t... moreThe Nokia N8 support 10.2 mbps = 5.5g speed

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2010lol , dumb questin itsems , dude , first atleast learn to tell t... more7.2 mbps is 4g speed but the nokia n900 support 10.1 mbps = 5g speed

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2010No doubt 4g is the best. ask such questions which've which worth... morelol , dumb questin itsems , dude , first atleast learn to tell the proper name of the phone which u using , its not i phone 4g , its just i phone 4 , its doesnt support 4g if u didnt know .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2010buy iphone 4 and u will find it last longer than any smartphone ... moreExplain antennagate and glassgate?

  • Anonymous

joe, 27 Oct 2010I Was looking into getting the BlackBerry Torch. My friend who i... morethen if you need the best camera on a smartphone go for the nokia n8.

  • vh1_17

joe, 27 Oct 2010I Was looking into getting the BlackBerry Torch. My friend who i... morei phone 4 , has the best display , better touch and better os . but the price is high . but if u can spend that grands for a phone . then for shure i phone 4

  • OZ Michael

Coming from a magnificent Renoir, my battle is to wait for LG 10+ megapixel phone with modern software or do I wait for iphone 5. Anyone out there thinking Apple will put an 8 or higher megapixel camera in next phone. Come on LG show me why I should still love you . Or are you starving me so I run to Iph 5

  • leane

check out this sample for iphone4's phenominal camera...after seeing this u will say that megapixel doesn't even matter....really?? people r whinning abt n8's cam then what is this??
ok to get a clear idea first watch it in 360p nd then watch it in 720p...

  • joe

I Was looking into getting the BlackBerry Torch. My friend who is an I.T. tells me I'm making a mistake. That the camera isn't a true 5mp and you can see the mp when you enlarge the picture. So now he's got me leaning towards the iphone 4. Please help me decide on which you think is better and why. And yes I know. They all have their ups and downs. Heard it. Give me a better reason, if you can't then don't. =) Thanks!

  • Anonymous

1k + euros and you can't even open a damn flash webpage? C'mon, that should be a must have in any smart phone ...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]"We would like a white model soon and Apple are still listening to us and we make what we like and want."

I knew it that you are Apple employee. So much b s and advertising can be only from Apple net-patrol.

  • Emeka, London, UK

My queries as a potential buyer (I am looking to make a purchase at the end of November so one more month of research) are as follows;

Does it have Blue tooth?

Is itunes so unuser friendly like everyone says?

How do I solve the radio issue? I need one on board. Do you any of you have a radio on board which I can use offline?

How long does your battery last with moderate to heavy use? Bearing in mind that I will play games and browse. In a nutshell, how often are you charging the phone?

When you browse the net, play music and play games, does the phone overheat?

Maybe most importantly, if I get it for example on Vodaphone UK/O2 (Locked to one network), how would I get it unlocked so it can take any global SIM card? I havenít got the funds to buy it direct from Apple but heard it can be PERMANENTLY unlocked. Do you know anybody who has done this?

How did you transfer your data (photos, phone numbers, games, music files etc) when you all changed from the 3GS to the 4?

Is it easy to set up your own personalised ring and sms tone?

How strong is the glass screen and the glass back cover incase of dropping it?

Can I buy a wrist strap for it?

If the signal/reception problems have been solved, how was this done in the 2nd batch Iphone 4's? Did they remove the antennas from the side to the top like in the 3GS? How is possible as it was a hardware and not a software problem?

If my network provider unlocked it making it a GSM handset/SIM Free, if I upadated itunes, will it lock back again so that I can only use it on one network. This is crucial and will determine whether I will purchase this piece of art. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2010Transfer file over Bluetooth is stoneage ? That cripple4 is ... moreokie

  • Manan Afridi

you dont need to buy a laptop.........just go 4 4gi

  • Allan

I saw a you tube clip for speed dial.

  • imrN

Good phone 4 all

  • Allan

Even though i really like the iphone4,it seems difficult to delete a song from the phone and there seems to be no straight forward way to add speed dial, except you have to open safari and type a number into the url and somehow you add this as an icon in your main screen.Couldnt figure that out.

Is there any way to return to the main screen in landscape mode after viewing the internet in landscape mode??

  • doc

I also can say that is a very good phone, i don't have any reception problems or sensor prob. The battery last about 3 maybe 4 days of normal use not games, onlt phone calls, messages and internet.

  • alihameed

very very good phone