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Apple iPhone 4

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  • chirva

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2013what is the IME number of apple I phone 4 duh??every phone has its own imei its like serial number dummy! check on settings general about imei.

  • chirva

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2013since i downloaded the ios7 my fone has gone dead 2 times now. a... moreit will decrease your speed since you updated it to latest version. according to apple its compatible to your phone but it depends on the storage capacity of your phone

  • Anonymous

since i downloaded the ios7 my fone has gone dead 2 times now. and then a few days later it has just automatically come back on. does anyone know what the reson for that is . and how i can refrain that from happenig in the futuirn

  • AnonD-155944

hey guys i just installed the new version iOS7.0.4 do you think that's okay? thanks :)

  • Vijaya

I have network problem in my i4 iam not getting signals
properly but other phones & nd i4 also inthe same house are dunctioning normally.. Plz kindly tell me solution

  • Anonymous

what is the IME number of apple I phone 4

  • Harsh

I've iphone 4, being running on ios 7.0.3. But sometimes it hangs, need to switch off & switch on. Rest of the things are good. What might be the reason, Ples suggest

  • sivasubramanian

Batery life 0

  • Anonymous

good, can we use for duplicate charger?

  • mahan

andreshaker, 13 Nov 2013i pruchesed a iphone 4 second-hand but i can't use because he te... moredon't worry, you can register in apple store and creat a user name and password,it's easy

  • the_askoer

play 800 mb mp4 video files a bit lag using imedia player and much lag using vlc player. Unlike my lenovo s902 play it very smooth. Any clue?

  • Anonymous

hey Guys currently i have ipone4 overall its excellent but facing problem in Camera.. i m thinking to go for Htc Evo 3D ..
what should i Do ..? shall i shift to it or not ..?

  • Sukanta Mitra

Its a really very good phone..........

  • andreshaker

i pruchesed a iphone 4 second-hand but i can't use because he tell me the apple IP and the password from the first used and he forget his password and his IP how can i used to have a ip and password

  • Khurram Shehzad

Iphone is a good phone

  • ioppagean

I love apple! upon using thri products, i never expereienced lags comparing it to android, i fed up with android and i made the right decision to go for apple iphone

  • deanos

Best phone for me ;) Its much better that samsung galaxy s2 (if you dont use it for games) and camera and resulution is better than galaxy s3 because of ppi and good optical zoom + glass

  • aravind

i cant access my iphone 4 because it is secured with country lock

  • Afiiz

AnonD-204310, 08 Nov 2013what should i buy?? android or apple? being confused by all the ... moreyou better go for a apple its uniqe

  • Lee

zack, 07 Nov 2013apple got awesome apps? are u kidding me? on android, we can hav... moreLet me guess, you never owned an iPhone before????
The same apps that are free on Android are free on Apple and vice versa. Also the apps paid on Android are also paid on Apple Store. However there is a difference, the apps on the Apple store are compatible with almost all the iPhones, whereas the Apps on the Android may most probably not be compatible with all phones. I have owned an adroid tab, 2 android phones and finally given up and got myself a iPhone. It was the biggest and the best mistake of my life.....