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Apple iPhone 4

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  • senator

I Want buy a iphone 4 .
iphone 4 is good or bad ?
please help me

  • AnonD-108196

hi guys..i a have problem sound on my iphone 4 player became no sound,not in silent mode,try making a call it ringing as normal, playing some apps no sound, using earphone it have to fix sound on music player? ty :)

  • any

IOS 7 not for iphone4 so hang

  • pawar shailesh

suhail, 25 Nov 2013Can we use wireless Bluetoothyes i use.......

  • partha

iOS 7.0.4 runs pretty well in my iPhone 4. I flashed it clean in DFU mode and reinstalled all apps.

  • faisal saifi

my i phone 4 is got hanging pro. with ios 7 ..............ios 7 is not for the i phone 4 ......plz solve this pro.

  • Falc

i have installed ios 7. works slower than ios 6. if u want new theme and animations(even animating of in or close app is laggy and glitchy) then install it. otherwise it is not optimised fot i4. now my iphone looks lke a 4 years old androind fone :/

  • nik

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2013does it hang after upgrading into ios 7NO.. There is a slight lag, but else it works fine..

  • Ashish

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2013does it hang after upgrading into ios 7No, its in-built apps does not hang but the downloaded games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Candy Crush hangs. Latest software update iOS 7.0.4 rectifies all the problems, now it does not hang & works smoothly.

  • suhail

Can we use wireless Bluetooth

  • Anonymous

does it hang after upgrading into ios 7

  • Mae

Just wanna ask if iphone4 is none airdrop? How can I use bluetooth?

  • wasique ahmad

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2013what is the IME number of apple I phone 4 If u wanna to check ur imei no. Just dial *#06# .. And now u can see ur imei no.

  • Anonymous

Can i tether my iphone 4s to my ipad 4

  • stanley

Plsss can someone help me out how long the battery of iphone last when having video call?

  • nishu_d

Vijaya, 18 Nov 2013I have network problem in my i4 iam not getting signals pr... moreIPhone 4 has signal problem (death grip), you can avoid this by changing your grip on iPhone , for details plz check YouTube or search.
well howz its proformance overall.

  • Anonymous

Awesome feautures on this phone. The I phone 4 is So much more...

  • Abrar

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2013hey Guys currently i have ipone4 overall its excellent but ... moreI like iPhone 4 it's differently options.charge life 1 day

  • niky

awseum handset features i lik it

  • chirva

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2013what is the IME number of apple I phone 4 duh??every phone has its own imei its like serial number dummy! check on settings general about imei.