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  • apple i phone4 user

hi guys this the video that show wat happen to iphone4 with the signal problem watch out

normally we use to have the phone in left hand an use the touch with right hand lets c wat happens when do that­eature=related

  • Anonymous

this phone is above any price range. its seriously in a class of its own.

  • alyssa

I'm really confused. There's a lot of iPhone 4 haters as well as supporters here. Plus quite a number of people are complaining about the reception problem but on the other hand, there are some who don't even face this problem.

I don't know which to believe. Should i get an iPhone 4 or not?

Another question, for those people who have reception problem, does the bumper really fix that problem?

  • Roe

Ive persoanlly used this device and the death grip is real and a serious recall issue, I mean it's a phone reception is the main part and we get a crappy bumper! seriously for the price you pay that's a joke!

I dont hate this phone the screen is is rather good but there is absolutly nothing this phone can do that a jailbroken 3gs can't! It's not a amazing leap in technology it's just apple regurgitating technology they had 2 years ago I mean common 5 megapixel cam and video calling off wi fi only none the less, this stuff has been around for ages save your money until they give us a real leap in tech something that isn't just a brand name.

  • JB

There are way too many iPhone 4 haters on this site.

As most will agree, the iPhone 4 is the best phone you can get today. Period. Having owned one now for the last few days, all I can say is that the user experience is second to none. You won't find a single Android device with this level of usability in the UI.

The hardware is also very well designed. Despite the accusations of those who claim the death grip kills all iPhone 4s, I can't bring my bars down if I try. In fact, the reception and call quality is even better than my 3GSs quality was.

All in all, this is an across the board upgrade for any phone owner. Although Android is looking better and better, the iPhone is still the phone to beat.

  • Dave

For everyone wondering about the death grip. Its a hardware problem not a network problem. Thats way Apple have the

  • Bad Apple

Julia231, 03 Aug 2010Hey everyone, I'm from Malaysia and I'm planning to get an iPhon... moreReception problem is a hardware issue within the iphone 4, bad reception and drop calls no matter which network provider you go for,

don't even think about buying this phone, if you want apple phone, its fine, go and buy yourself 3GS not iphone 4, you would regret it big time

Or go and buy yourself a piece of engineering at its best: Galaxy S, Wave, HTC desire,

avoid ip4 at any cost

  • Dave

Julia231, 03 Aug 2010Hey everyone, I'm from Malaysia and I'm planning to get an iPhon... moreIts not only AT&T Its a hardware problem with the phone

  • Hour Soksangha


I'm a clients loyalty of iPhone 3GS 32 GB,I'm a people of Cambodia, I'm intersted iPhone 4 ,But
anyway the price is still higher if we compare with others phone as Nokia , Sumsung , LG,,,els.....

But the Model and new design is very good than others phone and Program is good also with ineternet and high speed for check www...


  • Julia231

Hey everyone, I'm from Malaysia and I'm planning to get an iPhone 4 when it comes out here.

But before i do that i need to know about the reception problem thingy lol. Is it that only AT&T users face this problem? Cause AT&T is from the US right? So we definitely don't have it here.

& so does this mean if i purchase the phone here i won't face the reception problem?

  • Bunyip

Re reception
I have had the iPhone 4 for 4 days in the Telstra network in Australia. Using the death grip the worst I get is losing 1 bar when reception is weak. I have never dropped a call. The ios 4.01 works better than ios 4.0. I think the main problem in the US is AT&T. In oz we have Telstra optus three virgin vodaphone plus we can buy unlocked outright from apple (which I did)

  • cooly

Needed persuasion in purchasing i phone 4.. Pls tell me more about i phone.. And thanks for i phone4 user replied..


i dream to have one


the camara obciones is the best

  • cooly

but i need more confidents and prove to make sure iphone 4 would'nt disappointed me.. I am confus thoug..

  • Anonymous

good phone

  • iphone 4 user

cooly, 03 Aug 2010hey guys, iphone4 is better or 3gs? Im planning to have either o... morei phone 4 is better than 3gs so go for it and blackberry has no improvement...

  • cooly

hey guys, iphone4 is better or 3gs? Im planning to have either one of it.. And when i made my decision in purchasing iphone4,someone turn me off by saying iphone4 lagging..hmm, guys..any comment? Thanks .or maybe should prefer blackberry instead of apple?

  • apple iphone 4 user

Steve, 03 Aug 2010Wow I guess this is another example of "better on paper doe... morefor now galaxy is best for low cost and worth for money s the phone comes with more better specifications but that will be done only by samsung first not the apple remember that

now certainly the android under built of gingerbread which comes with 26 million colours then lets c wat apple does now froyo is more better than apple os check out the promo video here of froyo tells the story­eature=channel

  • mmmmmm

Usman, 03 Aug 2010This is obvious sign that the problem is with AT&T in US...h... moreits already avail in india nearly 50,000 rs normally all signal will be week in india now this iphone 4...u can buy 2 galaxy s for this hmmmm.....

pls apple make the iphone to come with the video how to hold apple iphone 4? that will be great....