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  • Anonymous

Umpalumpa, 31 Jul 2010I wont get another Apple product simply because of the arrogance... moreApple’s earnings and revenue growth in mobile have been awe-inspiring to witness. From zero presence three years ago, Apple (AAPL) is now the most profitable cell phone maker in the world.

  • Umpalumpa

Peter, 31 Jul 2010Haha...yeah you're probably right! I feel sorry for those people... moreI wont get another Apple product simply because of the arrogance Steve Jobs shows. I had a 3GS. I have used a ip4 for a week, not bad but not suitable for my needs. I work in an environment with lots of yuppie trendy wannabe's. Honestly 99% of those people who have iPhones are clueless as to what it can do or can't do, I ask why they have one. The usual answer is "oh its the cool thing to have"


  • Anonymous

Peter, 31 Jul 2010"is facetime only from an iphone to iphone" Yes. In... moreIn what way is it the best, oh your blinkered Steve says so view no doubt. You iPhone fans need to get a grip with reality

  • Peter

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2010is facetime only from an iphone to iphone"is facetime only from an iphone to iphone"

Yes. In fact, it's only between an iPhone 4 and another iPhone 4 and that too, only on wi-fi. That's probably better because it would use up way too much data on 3G networks and it would be slower as well.

Not that it matters...hardly anyone uses videocalling on any phone anyway becuase the experience is so bad..that may change with the iPhone 4 but I doubt it. It's still the best video call facility available for phones do, you can't deny that.

  • Peter

umpalumpa, 31 Jul 2010Apple have been secretly broadcasting subliminal messages throug... moreHaha...yeah you're probably right! I feel sorry for those people who just bought the iPhone for that reason! Some people who buy the iPhone are so stupid!

Which is why I'm so happy I did so much research before buying the iPhone 4. It's an amazing phone and I'm glad I didn't just buy it blindly.

  • Anonymous

is facetime only from an iphone to iphone

  • umpalumpa

Apple have been secretly broadcasting subliminal messages through the media telling people that they are nothing if they don't have the iPhone and even though it has plenty shortcomings it is still the best. It seems to have worked well, plenty feeble minded people are buying the iPhone

  • Roy

exiphone4fan, 31 Jul 2010I had a demo yesterday on the Samsung Galaxy. Wow Steve is a la... moreSteve Jobs is wrong. He is a narcissist and a bald face liar, Memory cards are here to stay, Steve says what he thinks people should or shouldn't have, he thinks he is right and he somehow thinks he's word is absolute. That is narcissism and it is a mental disease.

  • Peter

Citizen, 30 Jul 2010Its not all good, but the most is !! Must start by saying that ... more"Have been having my iphone4 2 weeks now and the biggest things i have seen so far is: Nr 1 The appstore, no one can compite whit that at the moment.
Nr 2 The display, wow what a picture cuality.
Nr 3, the speed, no lag or anything like that.
Could be many more things but this is my top 3"

Exactly! And add to that the following:
1) Amazing camera (only 5 MP but with the flash and lens quality, the pics come out better than many 8 MP pics)

2) HD video recorder

3) Slimness and build quality (slimmest phone at the moment and high quality metallic build, way better than the previous iPhones)

4) The best music player on a smartphone as far as features are concerned. (I love the cover flow experience and we can finally make our on playlists directly on the phone. And what other phone has the Genius feature which is found on the iPod and iPhone?

5) Even with the lack of Adobe Flash support, iPhone 4 has one of the best web browsing experience on any phone. The touch responsiveness is still better than ANY Android phone I have tried (incl the Samsung Galaxy S)

5) The best platform for games on any smartphone, especially now with the gyroscope as well as the accelerometer

6) Facetime which is by far the best video calling facility on a phone (even though it's only on Wi-Fi and only from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4)

Now I'll be honest, those last two points are not a big deal for me. I hardly play games on the phone and I don't think I will ever use the Facetime feature, except maybe to try it out for fun! But still, overall the iPhone is one incredible handset!

  • Peter

I have never faced reception issues with the iPhone 4, though I admit a bar did drop ONCE after I went on trying to replicate the "death grip" issue for about ten minutes! For those who want to buy the iPhone 4 but are concerned about the antenna, please don't worry as there will be no problem!

Regarding the whole "Android multi-tasking is better than iPhone" thing, here's what I feel. The way Android handles multi-tasking is an abomination. It's just plain wreckless. I don't like the phone being totally open to anyone. It's not the PC; it's a phone. I can't afford to have my phone crashing because someone wrote a virus or malware for it. With Apple they control exactly what can be used and sold in the store so programmers have to meet a certain level of coding and a certain level of security with people's information when it comes to getting their apps approved. Apple's model, in my opinion, makes more sense for the phone. The Windows model, or in this case the Android model,makes more sense for a PC.

Saying that Android is growing by leaps and bounds but look at what it was when it came out. Of course it's growing there was nothing else for it to do other than get better. Honestly, I have yet to speak to someone who has the antenna problems and I know a number of people who have iPhone 4. I have yet to speak with a really satisfied Android customer (including those who have the Nexus One and the Samsung Galaxy S) even among my more pragmatic programmer friends. Some of those people own Mac computers but Android phones but they complain the battery life is a serious problem for their phones.

And again, I am NOT an Apple Fanboy! I think Android phones are amazing and have great potential for the future, but at the moment, the iOS operating system is ahead.

  • limo

commercial ..if u want to be safe just wear ur bumper and then make a call safely


hats off

  • Anonymous

A, 31 Jul 2010You ask where are the lines for droid. You don't line up for a r... moreMost of the Iphones4 are sold online, that is how I got mine, it arrived the day BEFORE the release date, and guess what ? It works GREAT!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Great show of intelligence, hate as much as you want Iphone4 is a GREAT success

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]oops this was meant for limo. sorry

  • Anonymous

A, 31 Jul 2010You ask where are the lines for droid. You don't line up for a r... moreSuccess :­line+latest+iPhone/3345740/story.html

  • A

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2010Have a look at the lines in front of the stores WORLDWIDE today,... moreYou ask where are the lines for droid. You don't line up for a real smart phone you buy online and have it delivered unlocked. Lineing up is what people with nothing to do with there time like to do to feel important.

  • BrianAW

Whether it be with your PC or 'the cloud', this is an absolute must, and you should be able to sync all your data (the S60 based Nokia phones, for example, could sync notes)..

Third party apps
No platform is so complete that it can entirely do without the enhancements of third party software. (And by "software" I mean native apps, not Java MIDlets.)

This is not a clear cut feature though.
The stupi d suc k iphone 4 does not multitask, yet it is clearly NOT a smartphone. But as I have noted, not being able to multitask restricts what you can do with your device in some situations, and lacking it certainly gives you less of a PC experience,and capabilities. Besides, it's not completely fair to compare a device launched in 2009 with current phones, is it?

It should have all standard connectivity/radio options (yes, I am looking at you and POINT MY FINGER 2 YOU STUPI D iphone).Badly again..NO bluetooth transfer..

Office documents editing
At the very least a smartphone should be able to open and view Office documents, but any serious smartphone will also allow you to edit them on your phone.NOKIA DOES IT..whateve r in Nseries,Eseries,Xseries,Cseries or Pseries(coming soo n)

Web browsing
It should be able to provide a reasonable browsing experience. This of course means different things depending on who you ask,flash contents,download files espeaciall y MP3,MP4,Video,Pictures/phot os,all again.. and obviously it is not the same thing to surf the web only a 2.0" non-touch display as on a 4.3" touch screen. But the browser engine should at least be able to render reasonably complex sites.NOKIA will announced N9 flagship with 4.1 inch multitouch screen how if you got retina rubbish display,and who cares about the 640x960 resolution screen..NOT US E !!!!!!!!!!!!

A device that fulfills these criteria is, to me, a real smartphone.

Remember,NOKIA will announce the new Symbian^3,Symbian^4,Maemo5,Maemo6 and Meego phone after NOKIA N8-00..Android 3.0 Gingerbread and Windows phone 7 will follow up to released too..

After that..i0s DIE..and say GOOD BYE TO iphone..



  • cobra

keep going to buy this phone to be with fashion people :)))

  • Crius

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2010To ALL the Apple haters,have a cry and a sook,this is a great ph... moreWow, another fool taken in by Apple propoganda video. Funny that apple show 'other phones having problems' only after they fail to 1) sweep everything under the rug and failing that 2) blame customers- there first response was 'you're holding it wrong', i.e. exactly the same way steve jobs was holding it when he presented it and the natural grip that everyone holds a cellphone in. Don't be taken in by greedy corporations... they aren't your 'friends'