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  • zag aka jess

3gs looks bettr, d 4 looks uugly & stil laks a lot of featurs especially blutooth bcoz u cant share & send files to other fones, ds fone sucs!

  • Anonymous

Great antenna design, lover ext corner away from your head, I certainly do not want 1900 MHZ beaming in my temple like other phones, great job Apple !

  • iphone 4

the last testing the iphone 4 loses signal and searches for signal. i really didnt wnt to belive the reception issue but oh well :(

  • Ry

nokia n8 will be 5x beta than an iphone. if apple wornt as poular world wide they would have neva sold 3 million in year. for apple customers its like follow the leader you are all clearly sheep just followers y not all get an apple tattoo

  • R

Brian, 21 Jul 2010I got my free case, problem fixed. But now my phone is as ugly a... moresurely 3 million cant be wrong can they.How many of them have bin sent back. its clearly not the best cos over smart phones dont get retuned and dont need to get a case and does not drop calls i think everyone is brainwashed u might b happy to pay for sumat thats over priced but im not just because its got apple write on the front of it

  • Engineer Man

I remember all the phones I used to own! Here is a list from most recent down to past listings:-

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic(Black)

Sony Ericcsson W880i(Black/Orange)

Sony Ericcsson K750i(Black)

Samsung D500(Grey)

Motorola V620(Silver)

Nokia 8210(Red)

Samsung A300(Silver)

Those were the days...!

  • Question

I would like to know was LG realy the first company to put a touchchreen phone out in the market. Because it checked in here (GSMARENA). And all of their phones into around 2006 where only flapphones. But you know what? I checked on Nokias phones and Nokia 7700(touchchreen) Came out in 2003. SO was LG realy the first 1?

  • Brian

I got my free case, problem fixed. But now my phone is as ugly as hell..I liked it with out the case b4. But of well least its an iphone 4 the best phone in the world. 3 millions buyers can't be wrong.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2010No Java? No Flash support for browsing? Only just about every ... moreYup exactly all that you said, yet still utterly enjoyable experience for me, and quite a few others I imagine. Love it!

  • Anonymous

No Java? No Flash support for browsing? Only just about every single website on the internet uses flash, so this makes the browser pretty much completely useless. Let's make something that looks exactly the same as the previous version, with a few touch-ups and a few areas where we cheaped out (and are now trying to convince our customers otherwise). This is just like like the iPad. Let's take the iPod Touch and magnify it a few times. Now you got a big awkward laptop screen without a keyboard, with Apple's restrictive proprietary OS, no flash support once again. Yep thanks for the ingenious technology update.

  • Anonymous

the white one sure is ugly... how much does it cost unlocked? really why not buy a mobile phone desktop and netbook instead?

  • Anonymous

Wow amazing check this out:

  • Ry guy

clearly it is just an i phone problem no other makes are having the same problem. evan with the problems apple fans are trying to stick up for them despite the fact that apple clearly dont care about there customers because all they are othering u is a poxy case that might not evan resolve the situation. wich means people are guna b stuck with phones that are faulty. WELL DONE STEVE JOBS. lets give him a round ov aplause and keep lickin his ARSE clean out! get u selfes a bb 9700 or a galaxy.

  • Anonymous

uki, 21 Jul 2010I will not buy an iphone 4 because it is too expensive for me U forgot to say ,techless, featureless, signaless n hopeless

  • SymbianWorld

Here Apple shows that the iPhone 4 isn't the only device loosing singal strengt:­nokia-n97-mini-loses-signal-too/

  • Anonymous

Bad apple, 21 Jul 2010just a simple question, if this phone is really that great, wher... morecoz they have better things to do. You guys don't get it do you? Most people who visit sites like this one are normally enthusiasts, and the problem is enthusiasts represent only a small fraction of phone users, the majority are user don't give a toss about the full details of a phone that's why iphone, the phone has really gotta look good for most of these people to even just look at it. Iphone combines it all looks, irresistible screen, camera may not be 12M pixels but can't compete , user experience, a plethora of apps that other platforms can only wish for. So some people are experiencing antenna problems am sure there will soon be an app for that lol, but this is not an iphone only issue.

  • uki

I will not buy an iphone 4 because it is too expensive for me

  • Anonymous

Bad Apple, 21 Jul 2010seems you are not in touch with news and views, galaxy sold over... morefirst you guys blast this, then that, now versions. Apple sell 3 million first wave only, yet to launch in other countries, and imagine, that is a phone which you guys blast for being expensive, put together ur criticism and it shows how great Apple is, it will continue selling like hotcakes you guys just jealouzzz hahahaha

  • Plastic bumper!

where are these die hard fans to vote for this great phone? there aren't many because they are busy installing the external antena on their phone to make a phone calls, what a joke, apple totally lost it, and there are going to be thousands of return and unhappy customers.Stick with your 3gs or go and get Galaxy s or WAVE.

  • Bad Apple

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2010Also, as a reverse question: The rating for the Samsung Galaxy S... moreseems you are not in touch with news and views, galaxy sold over million of handset so far, which is far far more than what apple sold when it introduce its first version, remember these are the first version and they selling so well, everything apple can do, galaxy does even better and its cheaper and more reliable phone, beside the antena works meaning you can use the basic function and that is making a phone call.