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Apple iPhone 4

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  • Anonymous

apple phones is the best nokia suckssss

  • P_A

Can sum1 pls tel me wats d difference btwn purchasing an iphone "without contract" and "unlocked"... are d both terms 1 and d same????

  • uzak

it is in dubai 6200 dhs like car

  • barath

dear guys right now i am in a confusion........... pls help me which one is best this one or samsung galaxy s ........ how about the apps and games in samsung galaxy s will it be equal to iphone apps........ like apps store is there something in samsung........ help me soon since i have no time i have to buy any of this with in this week.............

  • Anonymous

Ex iPhone user now shifted to BB storm 2. Your marketing couldn't get me. Again!

  • Anonymous

Franz, 07 Jul 2010iPhone customers are just ignorant of the fact that Android is H... moreThey bought them because it's simply a better phone in every possible way.

The camera's better, the screen's better, the build quality is better and it doesn't come from a company that makes money selling advertising based on information stolen from it's users.

  • Anonymous

This phone is really bad. Only people with no brain bought this.

  • Jo

Hey, if Iphone4 arrived at singapore , it is available in black and white colour right ?

  • steve's twitter is n

"When someone is making a call to you while you are typing a text message, the message would be auto-saved on smart phones, but not the I-Phone 4 or 3G etc'

This a feature I'm meant to like? yes
Because the phone message is more important and probably the person you were texting IS calling anyway, so saves you deleting the auto-save message.

ThANKS Steve

  • Franz

iPhone customers are just ignorant of the fact that Android is HEAPS better! Sadly, 1.7 Million blindly bought that piece of junk in 3 days because it's supposedly the latest in fashion must-haves.

Fair enough, Steve Jobs, in all his wisdom is restricting some features (because apparently he knows best *sarcasm*). So why are iPhone customers paying more money for their iPhones when there are not nearly enough features to beat the cheaper Android handsets?

  • steves nice 2 us

[deleted post]no video calling to a non-iPhone 4 you say?

Again, if Steve says I don't want it, then i don't want it, he knows best for us.

Same with the Radio i guess. But im not going to complain, sure Steve had good reason to drop it right

  • iphone is very good

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2010Android is a pieces of sh t!!! long live the king iphone 4!I agree,

Using your Phone as a Hotspot is another crap thing about Android.

i-Steve rocks and told us we don't want that feature or true multi-tasking in our i-phones.

  • Asish Nand

hi all, 06 Jul 2010Sales does more or less define success, but a successful phone d... morehey i definetle agree coz...quality comes with prize..

  • Anonymous

1.7million sold in 3 days. Cannot be that bad!
There is some problems but will solved in new os update. Proxy sensor cause call drop on mine but everything else is perfect. No death grip or something else like that. For sure everything will be solved in update.

  • Anonymous

the king the king!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Android is a pieces of sh t!!! long live the king iphone 4!

  • Riantsoa

To all iPhone 4 users,
Can your phone:
- Allow you to add widgets to your desktop for real-time updates without having to open the application?
- Truly be customized? Or is it limited to 27 wallpapers and a handful of ringtones?
- Come unlocked without the need to jailbreak the device?
- Allow you to choose from different manufacturers so there is more choice of design for your phone?
- Allow the quick interchange of battery if it does fail or do you have to wait for weeks for Apple to replace it for you?
- Perform voice search or any speech-to-text function?
- Automatically word wrap when pinch-zooming on a web browser?
- Play flash on the browser?
- Show you all the notifications on one page or do you have to manually open each app to do this?
- Do video calling over a GSM, 3G or 4G network?
- Do video calling to a non-iPhone 4?
- Operate without the dependence of iTunes?
- Operate on a normal Sim card? What happens if you try to put the MicroSim into any other phone? What happens if you want to transfer contacts from your old Nokia (perhaps) to the iPhone 4 or vice versa?
- Allow you to expand your memory or replace a memory card?
-Truly multitask, instead of freezing applications in the background?
- Receive any reception if the bottom-left corner is held?
- Provide you with a fulfilling experience without the aid of some Google Apps like Maps, YouTube and search?

If the answer is no to most, if not all of these questions, do yourself a favour and get an Android!

  • Sanju

Itz A Nice Phone

  • Anonymous

i work for a phone company and have had first hand experiance with all the latest up and coming phones. to be quite truthful, the iphone4 is so much slower and slightly harder to use than the new android phones. people shouldnt jump on the band wagon and get the iphone4 just because they have had the pervious iphones. the new one has no better stuff than other phones, that cost the same price and are way better. be bold people and try something new for once and not just something youre comfortable with. you only live once, why not experiment???

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Show me a phone manufacturer who manufactures all the components listed for their handsets.