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Apple iPhone 4

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  • Jatinder Sandhu

iOS 7 now available for iphone 4 and later.

  • Deepak

pavel, 30 May 2013can block contact and sms from iphone4 ?No

  • Chandu

Did iphone 4 support HD & Blueray videos...

  • keep iphone in jail

AnonD-113404, 05 May 2013who cares music industry,why i pay for downloading music when an... moreitube.... i tube,,,, i tube .....i tube down load i tube app to your phone and get free music and videos

  • Anonymous, 09 Jun 2013this phone dose support video call function called "FACE TI... morewhere??? I want this phone...

  • Dr.Sudin

AnonD-113404, 08 Jun 2013Today I bought iPhone 4 as ppl suggested in gsmarena site,but wh... moreits true i also feel the same


Mubeen, 07 Jun 2013 Dear Friends, CAMERA Secondary:Yes, VGA, 480p@30fps, ... morethis phone dose support video call function called "FACE TIME" only over wifi that to only with other iphone..... i have been using this phone for quite a while this is my first ios experience and i am really astonished ... now its 18000rs in india

  • mrs cee

can use Skype?

  • AnonD-113404

Today I bought iPhone 4 as ppl suggested in gsmarena site,but when I put some music in it & tried to hear song in speakers,totally disappointed :(
Sound is too low to hear,even my old HTC one s had better loudness,its mute phone,plz don't buy,earpiece quality is good but loudspeaker sucks.


Sgs advance, 06 Jun 2013Guys, Iphone 4 or xperia ion?U should better go for iPhone 4.
Ion is nice but hangs a lot of time

  • Mubeen

Dear Friends,


Secondary:Yes, VGA, 480p@30fps, videocalling over Wi-Fi only.

I would like to know that if this phone does not support video call on 3G or GPRS (Internet sim)networks

  • Jatinder sandhu

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2013can i use viber apps using iPhone4?Yes and viber works better on iphone than android

  • Sgs advance

Guys, Iphone 4 or xperia ion?

  • Guru

Shanaka, 29 May 2013I bought a used apple iphone 4 recenly. It has been registered o... moreconnect it to iTunes on your computer and restore the mobile, making sure that you have atleast 3-4 Gigs of HDD space and the restore should take place smoothly.
this would wipe out everything from your mobile, slate clean and install the new OS.

  • Anonymous

can i use viber apps using iPhone4?

  • Guru

AnonD-71868, 05 Jun 2013I can't connect my Iphone 4 to my computer. I have Win7 Professi... moreyou need to download iTunes and then extract it.
reinstall the apple itunes download.msi or something and restart iTunes it should work. also before you do this.
check control panel>add and remove programs, checked if the apple drivers are showing there.
also go to device manager and right click on the device that has a unknown device on it, and uninstall then click for hardware changes, either or all of these steps should help.

  • AnonD-71868

I can't connect my Iphone 4 to my computer. I have Win7 Professional and when I connect the device to my computer a notification appears down bottom saying "usb device hasn't been recognized. One of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it." I have tried updating the driver, deleting the driver and rebooting Windows so that it can reinstall the driver. I have the latest iTunes installed also.Nothing works. Please give me a solution.

  • Anonymous

I recently updated to iphone from work awesome.i have a quest can any one tell me how to block incoming/outgoing call in iphone as call bar system does.

  • arsal

Anonymous, 31 May 2013i am goin to change my iphone 4 to galaxy grand.i need to transf... moreconect ur iphone with itunes
go to contacts option
here is the option of import and export contacts file
u can export contacts from there and import in samsung mobile
if its not import in samsung then import this file in gmail acount and put this acount in samsung and sync it

now u got ur contact in samsung

  • Anonymous

KHAN , 21 May 2013why is iphon4 is not 4g.............?????? because the iphone 4 states as its 4th generation phone and clearly not 4g like iphone 3gs. simple thinking can solve problems.