Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • Kostas

For sure this isn't the new generation of iphone after 16months. And if it is the price should not be more than 400$ since there are better options with the same price of iphone 4.

  • AnonD-24694

BTW it will have a 8mp camera ...

  • Mhtoori

Whats new in this its same as 4G simple apple is folling the poeple .....LOL

  • kkeatt lai

sure this is coming out today ? hehehe waiting for it :)

  • lucky

is this one is IPHONE 5 ?what a old change apple?i hope apple will release IPHONE 5 soon

  • Zed_TypE

I can'T Wait FOr THis one.

  • AnonD-24684

this is fake guys . just search on apple home site. there is no new iphone4s . only ios5 is to be release

  • ben

ahahahahaha thats it? ahahahahaha cant stop laughing
im not an iphone fan but i have been waiting for new iphone specifications for about 2 months now,i never planned to buy an iphone but really is it just me or this seems really funny?the only change is a CPU hahahaahhaah apple you are a real is gonna get ahead of you
hahahaahaha LMAO

  • Anonymous

markus, 04 Oct 2011if this is iphone 4s with this specs than sII is way better You do know that it will use the iPad 2 chip and GPU benchmarks put it at double the SGS2 speed? Funny how now suddenly tech specs are unimportant. Say what you want, but Apple today are going to launch one monster of a machine.

  • miki

wow, should i sell my iphone4?

  • jame

not good as we expect......hate it...:-(

  • Anonymous

Dude, it's rumored...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Damn! Dual Core with 512 RAM?

  • Kiyarash

i am sorry for myself!!!
dual 1 G.H !!!!!???

  • markus

if this is iphone 4s with this specs than sII is way better

  • zaki model, high price must be, but performance lower than Samsung galaxy S II..

  • AnonD-20989

Dude, 04 Oct 2011iPhone 5 will basically the same with the 4S. But based on ... moreall thumbs up for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Lemo

Joshua, 03 Oct 2011there will be an iPhone 5... this rumor is just to lower ex... moreSuppose that it will release both iphone4S and iphone5 so why its bad move ?

  • drake

i think im gonna keep my iphone 4 untill the screen size, cpu and the other get higher. i'll skip the iphone 4s to save my hard-earned money.