Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • Joshua

there will be an iPhone 5... this rumor is just to lower expectations. don't you think so?
I do not think Apple is so stupid to release the same phone after 16 months with the same display and same design.

  • Rustam Bajwa

oh apple ! not better step 4 u

  • AnonD-10040

WTF it's the same :''( i expected some difference

  • Anonymous

Very Disappointed! Its not at all different from the iphone 4 except for the CPU and the GPU.


i have comment that only i phone is not best there r lots of companys such as samsung

  • AnonD-22732

Wonder if Apple will use those adjectives by tomorrow when they launch the new iCrape4 with S. "magnificent, extraordinary, fabulous, amazing, incredible, wonderful, just mind blowing, the best" so and so.. People hate just because of the apple's advert itself when they use to much extra kudos for the same thing which is already available with reasonable price.

  • UK

Processor maybe single core

  • Mobilemaster

Hmmm. The same design, very big internal storage, the same screen size. I don't know what to say.

  • Anonymous

there better be an iphone 5, cause if this is all there going to announce, android here i come

  • Anonymous

So, not that much different from iPhone 4? Tim Cook will have a hard time presenting this as "revolutionary" tomorrow.

  • MamdOOh

Boring specs.!, time for change!

  • ArchitB

want 5 not s

  • maker555

yes finaly i tought it will never hapend all of you!!! there is a thign about the design is the same bdw i personaly like it and all of you that say that nothing has changed what about android smartphones they almost all have the same features screens,procesors,software verions. what about that hhm what has changed? almost nothing some are bigger some are smaller but allmost every phone that has google android on it is the same. im not saing that there arent any diffrences in android phones like in htc there is htcs sense and motorola has motoblur an samsung and so on and so on. but there are to many phones,sometimes its kinda boring. =( apple didnt make alot of changes but its still very nice!!!!! =)

  • jits

i love iphones but not buy this one already have iphone 2g and iphone 4 32 black so just for 64gb its waste of money but waiting for iphone 5 with 8 mp cam and a bigger screen and few other new features

  • Mango

Come on Apple, were are all your original ideas gone???

  • jnikal

Apart from ios5 nothing is being changed, bad improvement at least camera & screen size should have been improved..

  • AnonD-11063

If both iphones will be at same price, they will kill each other, what price could be expected for 4s,watching the price of iphone 4 32gb,
r they going for $1200 for iphone 5...?
Who knows

  • Anonymous

poor hardware iphone faild again

  • 2004-22707

Still No complete details for Specs since this will be announce on Tomorrow 10/04/2011..

  • rajan

thumbs up