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  • Anonymous

What is the difference between an Android comprising a 2,500 Mah battery and an iphone 5 comprising 1,300 Mah ?

  • FuDawara

As a 13 year old in 2019 the iPhone 5 isn’t that great... But after using it for 2 years it still holds up to its original glory. The sad thing is that my iPhone 5 is starting to wear down after 7 years of service. My phone’s charge port is starting to get a bit worn out and the battery isn’t long enough to last a whole day anymore. RIP iPhone 5 one of the most memorable phones in history as it was the last phone in the Steve Jobs era.

Legendary device though, perfect size and width, easy to carry, 4G supported, excellent battery time lasts a day easily and half day with 4G data enabled, dont support latest apps and upgrades but still an awsome device to have, the best part of iPhone 5 is its black colour which has not been introduced in any other iPhone model till now.


I'm using it for three years and it's an amazing phone. That design make it look modern for 2019. The only problem is the software update. iPhone 5 isn't compatible with newer iOS version. The last update is iOS 10.3.4 launched this year. On the gaming don't done it very well, but i played GTA 3 and GTA LCS on it and it works perfect, almost cannot see the lag. For an old phone these games runs too good. Facebook, YouTube and Messenger works good, it sems some lag but it's very usable, Instagram works perfectly for me. I use Safari for browsing and it's does it's job, i never have a problem with it. Wifi works relatively good but you need to stay aproach to the router to works perfect. On the mobile data with 4G is more faster than Wifi. Some apps in the App Store will not run on iOS 10 but the most will work. Battery life isn't relatively poor, i have 1300 mAh because of the wear level and it's last good. For more features i wanted to recommend jailbreak but it's crap. I jailbreak once and anytime i get in Safe Mode, with or without installing tweaks and to remove it you will need to perform a full restore. I don't know if jailbreak work on other iPhone 5 phones, i used H3lix to jailbreak and i cannot use the phone after. With iPhone 4, the Phoenix jailbreak runned like a charm, no problems with it. Camera on the iPhone 5 is very good. My friends always says that my phone does it's job for photos. I wanted to buy new iPhone, got scamed and i remain with my 5. I'm not gonna upgrade soon. I will use this phone until won't turn on, and if won't turn on, i will repair it and use again :)) . I'm from Romania, sorry for my bad english, i just say my opinion about this phone, hope will be useful for others.

  • Chuk

I need wechat. No I can't dowload this chat

I am having mine since 2012 I guess... After extensively using the 3gs, didn't jump into 4 & switched to 5 several months after it's lauched. Currently I am on 6, I bought it when 7 was already launched... Now it's time for me to jump again, it will be most probably the 11pro, since I feel I deserve it because I am still with 6 and not 7, 8, X, Xs nor Xr. I feel like I waited for 4 generations :)

Anyways, coming to 5; I am still keeping it for spare. For instance, today I am using it because the battery of the 6 died again -it has been replaced once-. The battery will be replaced one more time, until I get a new phone.

For me, the design & dimensions of 5 is the best among all iphones. I wish I had a new iphone with the exact dimensions of 5. Current trend is bigger screens, which does not fit with me...

I like playing "Real Racing" series since the day it first launched. 5's specs were quite capable for playing this game for hours, so it's an important benchmark for me. With a high quality battery -which would be able to endure a day on extreme weather conditions, such as ice cold winters- I would not think of switching to any other phone.

Probably the 5 will be with me for many years, as long as it continues to function properly.

  • Umair

kindly tell me...How to get rid of itunes issue

  • AnonD-819322

Ordered a 16GB i5 locked to Vodafone UK for only £39.99 with a TPU Leather Case, Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Lightning to USB cable for a total of £44.22 (don't have a cable as I never have had an Apple product that needs the Lightning connector, only had the 30-pin for the 4 which is just an emergency phone). The 5 is able to run all my apps with good battery life and also has 1080p video recording which is important for me. The iPhone 5 was announced on my 9th birthday which is kinda cool. Never had an iPhone over 3.5". The 1GB RAM will be good enough for my use. iOS 10 is relatively new, so I can get a good experience and use an iPhone to its full advantage. Android will still be my primary OS though. In acceptable condition and coming in 5 days :)

Saber, 23 Apr 2019Can’t you get a higher iOS version? So the apps stop askingYou would need a new iPhone to update the iOS. The iPhone 5 only goes up to iOS 10.

  • Saber

paco2x, 16 Mar 2019The only issue is you can't install apps asking for newer i... moreCan’t you get a higher iOS version? So the apps stop asking

  • AnonD-819322

iPhone 5 user, 05 Apr 2019I still use the iPhone 5. Great Phone and last of the Steve... moreA battery replacement will help increase performance and battery life itself.

  • iPhone 5 user

I still use the iPhone 5. Great Phone and last of the Steve Jobs Era. So sad! :(
Btw still great phone a bit of lag but good enough for daily usage. Though the battery could’ve been better.

Average Consumer, 11 Mar 2019Does not being able to update the phone to the latest OS ca... moreThe only issue is you can't install apps asking for newer iOS versions.

  • Average Consumer

Does not being able to update the phone to the latest OS cause any issues?

  • K

still use this everyday! messenger update just sucks!!

  • EVER

apl vi, 29 Jan 2019will face book and youtube will still work normally in 2019... moreI am still using my iphone 5 as a daily phone and it can do everything a phone needs youtube is fast and facebook you cant notice you are using a 7 year old phone the camera is good or acceptable spotify loads fast and instagram does not freeze great phone even for 2019

  • Anonymous

apl vi, 29 Jan 2019will face book and youtube will still work normally in 2019... moreyes you can
my dad stll uses it

  • apl vi

will face book and youtube will still work normally in 2019? i kinda want this as my main phone. i dont play mobile games anyway. just YouTube and Facebook.

Chanuka, 13 Jan 2019Isn't it useful for a secondary phone in 2019Yes, but not for a power user. I know the 5c (which has the same specs) is pretty slow on apps like snapchat

  • Aey Raju!!

Best and compact iPhone to keep tension free size easily fits in any pocket would recommend if u want an iPhone but don't want tensions attached to it it's light fast and still support every basic app.