Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

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  • Boss

[deleted post]Yes I do

  • ibicer1980

whats the a6 chipset GPU?

  • Anonymous

Boooorrrrrrriiiing very booooorring. What happened to you iPhone.

  • renren

Hope Apple will make a phone with 2ghz cpu and 2gb ram than can play pc

  • baba

No radio??!! haha They did not have time to develop it.

  • omar

the galaxy s3 is the best phone is better battery screen he is read java ,,,,,,,,

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • mad just

great phone. i have use it more the 3 month.
battery works long, camera wonderful.
the best phone I have get.

  • Superfreak!

Nothing special about this one - apart from the need to purchase a load of new accessories/docks/chargers/etc.

however this will sell - to women and style concious men. Must have iPhone 5, heat magazine, facetime Jen, blah, blah, blah.

  • AnonD-59389

the design of the phone is little bit same like 'iphone 4s'!! :o

  • sunnyboy

WOW!! that is all I can say, as in WOW(What On the World) just happened. Iphone looks so boring alreday, with only a few upgrades. And they are so arrogant enough to say that it is the best smartphone ever, who are they fooling?just fake...i ll just advised the people who liked apple if u want an apple device then buy a iphone 4s rather than iphone 5...if u purchased the iphone 5 then its mean u ll throw ur money into a river....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-55547, 13 Sep 2012Apple is a walkn dead company....this so called iphone5 is just ... moreFor your info Apple stock went up $10 yesterday, as iphone5 exceeded expectations
Apple is the most valuable company EVER existed.

  • Anonymous

i love it when all these little android fans come on this, slagging off the iphone.... you guys try making a better phone, market it, and distribute it, and then if its better than the iphone, you can say the iphone's dull, or boring.

  • Apricot

Looks like iPhone's hostiles are burning!

  • AnonD-55547

Apple is a walkn dead company....this so called iphone5 is just another version of iphone4s with lesser features. I cannot believe it didn't come with features like nfc,radio,no YouTube,crap battery, no Picasa integration, no predictive text input swipe, no java, no simultaneous hd video and image recording and am yet to confirm if it's's worse Dan crap. Total waste of money. I'll go for S3

  • Chus

This phone arrives 19 months late. It is even worse than the SG SII, the litlle brother of Samsung. Have a look to the specifications:­21

  • Sxr

Unless and untill you don't own an are so noob to criticize is NFC? Why shud we bother abt that? Wireless charging? That's not wireless charging...just an illusion....dare not to compare any phone with iPhone....even iPhone 4 is better than sg2

  • shalvi.vishal3498

whats up yaar tell me yaar

  • dios

Not bad at all. But the main disadvantage is battery life. It is really shame. You always have to bare in mind where did you put your charger last time. The only disadvantage for me, but it is very important. If the battery could last for at leats 4 days on average use, I would buy it in that case.

  • anonymous

it's not even water proof!.. sorry Apple, its never going to work out.