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  • AnonD-11106

Is this single core?
Not quad?

  • Reisset

I wads expecting more, at the end, Apple did not convince me to drop my 4s. Wish only i can upgrade my OS to A6.

  • cnt

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2012if ur first to smart phone go for apple . best phone in the worldobviously you havn't used any other phone. Android baby

  • Anonymous

I wads expecting more, at the end, Apple did not convince me to drop my 4s. So sad!

  • iSJ5

during the iphone 4s announcement here in gsmarena! some of the first peoples that visiting iphone 4s comment section are also disapointed! they always say "same design, only the name was newed from 4 to 4s, siri is just a stupid gimmick, still the screen is small, over all almost no improvement! realy sucks only fool buy this etc. but after releasing iphone 4s they shuck that the 4s hits a million unit in just 3 days and still hiting in the market! Dont so much expect that that negative comment here will also affect to hit this model or any other model even if so cotrobercial. so go hate as all you want but ciriously we cant down apple cus they still popular even if so many hater there! sory guyz! if you want please read the oldest comment in iphone 4s! maybe the history of iphone 4s will also be as iphone 5!

  • apple fan

i have come to the conclusion that this is a good phone. the specs cannot be compared to the other phones because each and every phone operating system requires different memory or cpu. IMO, iOS 6 will not need the CPU hungry Android and Nokia. the screen could be a little bigger but i can relate how you can use this phone with one hand no one really needs a bigger phone than this. unless you like to watch your porn or some stupid shit like that.

  • Billionaire

In Singapore only support M1 / Singtel .

What about the lousy starhub .Every mth i have been paying $hundreds for my mthly bill

  • Anonymous

People still dont understand iPhone philosophy because they still see it through Android/old handphone mentality.

It will take a few more years of iPhone evolution and revolution cycles before they finally see the approach as per MacBook, iMac design. The changes are much farther apart than competing PC manufacturers because the emphasis is on user experience, after designing the best possible elegant hardware.

Ultra books for example are only now copying a two year old MacBook Air design, and HP just ripped off a 5 year old iMac design. That is testimony to the timeless design philosophy of Apple.

Nokia is in my opinion, starting to pursue this trend in hardware design with the beautiful Lumia line. It is also why they chose WP8 and refused Android, because of the similar philosophy WP8 has to iOS compared to Android.

  • offence

Nokia is better now.

  • Anonymous

Hilarious how the most noise here is made by people who already hate iPhone anyway. (Yet can't bear to be away from the iPhone section).

To iPhone users, this is an even bigger jump than the jump from iPhone 4 to 4S.

Bigger screen yet still perfect for one handed use thank god. Faster, more beautiful design and materials yet does not alienate my iPhone 4S which I will hand down to my family member.

iPhone 3GS is still being used by my brother which I owned in 2009.

That, is the secret of iPhone's success. Timeless design, with excellent OS support. 4 years from now, people will still be ok to use iPhone 5.

  • Gnatat

NOkia 920 will be my next .... bye iphone5

  • Sunseeker

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2012you guys are all ranting and raving saying how bad or good a pro... morei tried to wait for iphone 5 over getting galaxy s 3. 5 of my other apple fanboy friends decided to do the same. we watched 6 hrs of iphone 5 footage to see if its good we all decided it is the shittest improvement they have ever done. so much for all the hype, and so much for all the rave about ios6 new siri whatever. it is shit. i would buy one jsut to burn it. but im not going to. we are all getting galaxy s3

  • 2degreeswhaaat

LMAO samsung sIII all the way

  • Jay

iphone specs are sad... was expecting more from apple...

Samsung s3 and nokia lumia 920 is far too better than this.. not much difference from iphone 4s

  • Anonymous

Apple is losing the war. Oh well, they had a great time when Jobs was around. Now they're falling faster than a crashing airplane.

  • iCRAP

so this is innovation?? SMH

  • Anonymous

you guys are all ranting and raving saying how bad or good a product is but i guarantee those of u hating on here MOST WILL still get the new iphone

  • Anonymous

i love the design! but will go for xperia v

  • AnonD-22159

very big disappointment from apple considering the rumored features

  • AnonD-59075

rst, 12 Sep 2012Am I right in saying that Nokia lumia 920 kicks the iPhone 5's b... morelumia better than iphone 5!