Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

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  • Sam

Same design,same old look only big screen. Samsung Galaxy Note7000 is better.

  • nohash


  • Canopus

Nothing new
poor resolution
medium size of display
i bet it won't have more than a 1800MA battery
Try a better phone Apple!
But a 12MP camera,good

  • Anonymous

Lol at the hater voting. After 5 years, wonder if they still actually believe it affects anything at all? Lame.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-66158, 09 Aug 2012(~330 ppi pixel density) of iphone 4s but (~326 ppi pixel densit... moreI think it's a fake to. but i think the reason is not about the ppi. with bigger screen, it's make sense for the retina display has less ppi. example like the new ipad, it has less ppi because of it's big screen. but still, they call it retina display.

  • Jellal

Great specs, as always! But what I'm worried is about the battery life! No matter how much a power-house, its pointess if it runs out of battery! And seriously though, how come lower than iPhone 4s pixel density?
I hoped for better battery though -_-!!

  • roudykh

this is just way higher than my prediction...

  • AnonD-422

Love it

  • Lulzim


  • germa

apple, what happened? iPhone 4s wasn't anything new and now this

  • Anonymous

already in Love

  • Ronnie

Its going to be an awesome device and will be a chart buster in mobile phones.

  • stol

could have been better with Design

  • AnonD-66158

(~330 ppi pixel density) of iphone 4s but (~326 ppi pixel density) of iphone 5 you must be kidding me...i thik its fake.....

  • Irfan form pakistan

Waer is 41mp nokia 808 is big fone in the world nokia is compny i phone is fake idia

  • GT

note 2 will be better!

  • Anonymous

Gorgeous as usual ;-))