Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

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  • mike Carver

its deffo the design.

as i helped design it


  • iSJ5

whats new hear!

  • AnonD-34301

Thats just ugly.

  • roudykh

[deleted post]yes indeed! the voting results are way under nokia asha which is a feature phone. i really wonder why people do that. for example asha 305 has 8.0 in performance (as a voting result) and this iphone 6.6. what's the matter, a feature phone got more performance than an anticipated smartphone! woke up people

  • Anonymous

i don't have iphone but i'm waiting for the new iphone to buy and i like my iphone have 4.3" to 4.5" display and provide 720p resolution, 640x1136 is so abnormal and can't match it's rivals, beside that it couldn't show 720p movies is full res. thank you Steve jobs the great for your great job and thank you his successor to continue his way better (i wish you can).

  • Frankie

4" ? it's old screen of galaxy S

  • jamy1122

what do u guys think will it be a hit?

  • Sammy

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2012i wouldnt say that i had horrible experience with Samsung G... moreDude update your Skyrocket to ICS via Kies .. it'll rock .. more performance, more battery life.

  • Anonymous

Not really impressed. rather buy a samsung galaxy s 3 or wait for the note 2.

  • AnonD-32581

oh look another icrap...

  • AnonD-54342

i think apple should put corning gorilla glass 2 not 1 in its only mobile

  • AnonD-54342

I think this early to put iphone 5 to the rumor mill of gsmarena

  • Anonymous

i want iphone 5

  • eu

the cpu will be 2 core A5x just like the new Ipad.because the competition has kept the 8 mp ca.era,apple will stil use a 8mp too,better optic system.

  • olrek aouzal

(narurally) since the death of steve jobs (cio of apple) i was sure that the next products will not be in the same level of the others (same case here) the iphone 5 isn't better than the 4 (except the screen + the camera )while samsung has the galaxy note (wider screen)and nokia with the 41 mg camera.
and i suspect the stocks will drop down after releasing this phone into the market

  • Anonymous

Sammy, 09 Aug 2012Whats the point of using a bit better iphone wherein you ca... morei wouldnt say that i had horrible experience with Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket... its Sucks specially No upgrade to ICS... Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket was Born dead

  • Sammy

Whats the point of using a bit better iphone wherein you can't share anything via bluetooth, can't download & Play MP3 files, anything needs to be done is only via iTunes. Android is 1000 times better than iOS. I love my Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket & Note i747

  • Anonymous

nokia 808 have 41mp wow he beting dslr camera well iphone have 12mp pixl and price is dobble i thik nokia 808 batter form i phone

It has a small screen. Make it 4.5 inch and it will make a bigger impact.

  • Sam

Same design,same old look only big screen. Samsung Galaxy Note7000 is better.