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Apple iPhone 5c

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  • Cy

AndroEmu GamesYT, 11 Sep 2021How about Normal Usage ? I want to Give it to my girlfriend... moreWell i recently own this and i felt sad because it its now not supported on google meet which is needed in my school. some of the apps may not install due to OS compatibility

  • AndroEmu GamesYT

Blackmamba, 25 Jul 2021It’s July.. the deji replacement battery still working good... moreHow about Normal Usage ? I want to Give it to my girlfriend, I'm a Student So can't afford High budget phones yet

Those colors made me look at the iPhones🧐

  • Anonymous

used an iPhone 5c for a while, still have it. battery is ok considering its 8 years old. does turn off around 20% but I used an iPhone 5s for a while and he did the same while I was still using it. so 8 years later is acceptional

  • Blackmamba

It’s July.. the deji replacement battery still working good, the phone is a te slow compres to new ones and fb won’t update anymore. Most of the daily apps work well, what’s app live location is not working properly. Overall is a simple affordable phone that still works in 2021.

deejay90210, 12 Feb 2021The phone shuts off automatically because Apple configured ... moreomg, batteries are not like wine, they don't get better with age lol
place a new battery and problem solved

  • Dclx

ThePsyberCat, 10 Dec 2020Is using this one as a secondary phone in 2020 worth it? Thanks Last year i used iPhone 4S on iOS 9 as a second device and even TikTok was working on that and all test of apps

  • Rubaiath Rahman

2021 still a phone worth it. Using for sms, WhatsApp, Msgr, Viber, FB with interenet features, camera is amazing still doing good but sometimes its hanged but restart, sometimes battery hot that's ok.

  • User-unknown

2013-2021 still a good phone if your just in to text and call but if you use data like LTE it gets really hot and the battery is not good for 2021 hmm... 8 years XD still doing good sometimes it's slow tho but that's ok

  • Littlemisshelper

I have this phone year 2017 and if your only for the call , text, internet feature then go for it.

  • Anonymous

People posting about phones need to learn how technology works. Batteries, just by intrinsically being batteries, have a limited lifespan. After 2 years is anyone's guess. When this degradation happens, Apple has built in software that will compensate and try to optimise the battery life as much as possible. Does this mean slow downs? Occasionally, yes. They also provide you with a way to see your battery health (well, in iOS 11+ anyway) so you can either get it replaced or replace it yourself. The 5c came out in 2013. Its 2021 now. That's 8 years or so. I'd be amazed if any battery held on this long, frankly.

deejey90210 has clearly not checked the battery health of his 5 year old still on the latest updates and will likely get iOS 15 iPhone 7. Get.the.battery.replaced.

hermione also needs to get the battery replaced.

  • Lamamba

2021, phone still working, recently updated with a deji battery which works well too. Phone does use latest compatible version apps available. However, as a back up phone or as a cheap cell phone alternative
Is a good choice.

The phone shuts off automatically because Apple configured all older iPhones to drain the battery. They did this so you would upgrade to a newer iPhone. I had a iPhone 7, perfect phone and battery a moderate 65%. Now under 50% and it turns off.

  • hermoine

don't buy this phone useless!
when battery percentage drops below 50 its switches of itself!

  • AnonD-974435

Don't buy this because the phone randomly shuts itself down when the battery percentage drops under 50%. I don't know what causes this issue but everything else about the phone is fine.

  • Jinping Xi

ThePsyberCat, 10 Dec 2020Is using this one as a secondary phone in 2020 worth it? Thanks The 32bit architecture and legacy iOS 10.3.3 does not support many apps for daily use. Although you may install the old versions, they often running slow with unbearable lags. Considering that Apple still maintains software update for iOS 12, the iPhone 5s/6/6+ might be better choices. (I am using iPhone SE 1st gen and iPhone 5c, the gap of running speed is so HUGE, SE is like 10x faster in most of 3rd party apps).

  • Anonymous

Shimul, 16 Oct 2020The iphone 5 and 5c gets ios 10 . Not the ios 11Thank you

  • ThePsyberCat

Is using this one as a secondary phone in 2020 worth it? Thanks

  • Miss jay

I bought this phone april of 2014, I only use it for music and internet browsing via wifi. I’m still using it now but the battery still surprisingly good because if I watch youtube it lasted for 4 hours!! I think I will use this for the next 2 years before upgrading. By the way it’s color is pink and 32gig version

  • Idunno

Im getting fat after 7 years of announcements ip5c