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Apple iPhone 5s

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  • Anonymous

msporciuncula, 13 Sep 2013Thank you very much, by the way where did you get this info, can... moreGoogle: Wiki SoC Apple

Its still early news and speculation. Like everything, keep an open mind.

  • msporciuncula

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2013iPhone 5s ram: 1 GB LPDDR3 @ 533MHz Quad channel @ 17GB/sec (... moreThank you very much, by the way where did you get this info, can you kindly share the link, I would like to read more before I buy, but its really disappointing, I was expecting a 1.5gb to 2gb ram increase, anyway n_n

  • Biltec

[deleted post]That's incorrect, htc copied apple. Back in 2010 when apple introduced iphone 4, they changed the camera from 3 to 5 mps with the same pixel size so it takes better image in low light, so htc actually copied apple.

  • Anonymous

msporciuncula, 13 Sep 2013Why is the ram not posted? can any one kindly share how many 5S ... moreiPhone 5s ram:

1 GB LPDDR3 @ 533MHz Quad channel @ 17GB/sec (64-bit)

Twice transfer rate compared to 5 / 5c

1 GB LPDDR2 @ 533MHz dual channel @ 8.5GB/sec (32-bit)

Compared to Note 3 or s800

3 GB LPDDR @ 800MHz dual channel @ 12.8gb/sec (32-bit)

So iPhone 5s should have faster ram, but Note 3 have greater ram pool.

  • msporciuncula

Why is the ram not posted? can any one kindly share how many 5S have, thank you.

  • AnonD-185542

gigga_what, 12 Sep 2013A quick FYI HTC phones are most expensive in India and your more... moreYes, what you say is correct~ alot user actually wanted a iphone with bigger screen, some still remain. Just like some people like to drive small car, some like to drive bigger. Bulky word just for those who dun like bigger phone. But problem is they want IOS to compatible with previous vers so they maintain the same size screen to fit the apps, not Apple don't want to do, is they couldn't do.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-116479, 13 Sep 2013If you're into Android phone, HTC is the best. All the phone man... moreAgreed.

  • AnonD-116479

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2013Truth is Samsung produces garbage cheap phones, their S4 has low... moreIf you're into Android phone, HTC is the best. All the phone manufacturers are copping the HTC. Even an Apple, just take a look at the camera features of the iPhone 5S, all of them are exactly same as the HTC Zoe. HTC introduced the low light technology, then all the manufacturers are now copping it and start to advertise low light camera. I know that Samsung us a ugly copier. That's why I hate Samsung. Honestly LG & HTC are the truly innovators.

  • Anonymous

king, 13 Sep 2013apple adding little features = overpricing / very minimal what y... moreApple adds features, then polished it to do its job very well. Read this professional photographers amazement at the camera improvements alone­-take-on-the-iphone-5s-camera/

The thing is, those who haven't tried, will never understand Apple's philosophy. This method of improvement is carried out throughout its products. Doesn't it puzzle you why iPhone and Apple users are so loyal?

Of course, it's easier (and more fun) to do the name calling thing and call them sheep. Turns out, Apple users are truly enjoying great products.

  • Anonymous

king, 13 Sep 2013apple adding little features = overpricing / very minimal what y... moreNote 3 means you will lose business... no appz or gamezz on android.. Unless you want to be an artist and scribble away on that giant phone.. not that will be any productive then using brush and canvas.

They are second class citizen.. only get appz second in line.. and worse version then on iOS.

Stuck with lousy implementation of the app since note 2 days.. shouting and screaming for developers to update android version.. wait for MTHS for any updates. No more.

  • king

apple adding little features = overpricing / very minimal what you can do... i just buy iphone because i have buy and sell business not for my personal use.. hate it, waiting for note3

  • Anonymous

Nobody is compelling you to buy an iPhone 5s.
And it's not that Apple can't make a phone with 4GB Ram and 13MP camera. Their product is unique in its own way. You like it you get it!

  • rockyou

iphones arent made for nerds like most of you. It is designed to facilitate the rest of us getting calls, texts, taking pictures, apps and social media. and yes, the quality is undeniably good n durable *been using the same iphone4 for the last 3 years nvr had any problem with it. also lets face it, it looks good.
relax guys, its just a Pop Culture.
why have hard feelings? :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-185875, 13 Sep 2013guys first understand that it's a 64 bit processor and so it wou... more64bit on arm arch is a good push forward.

They might implement it on the new MBA and have impressive battery life if they rewrite as x86.

Now that the PowerVR G6 is like intel's igpu HD3000. it means if they keep it up, we could might see OSX / x86 on PC/Mac.

And since intel make chip for apple mac, we might see a fight between intel and apple in the near future on laptops and PCs if apple decide to go arm processor.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-56991, 13 Sep 2013I think you actually just an iFan pretending to have owned an S4... moreTruth is Samsung produces garbage cheap phones, their S4 has lower quality than iPhones cheap phone lol. Exactly one day after iPhone launch, SUDDENLY they annouce they too will have 64 bit CPU lol blatant copycats.

By the way Samsung is also being sued by Dyson for copying their vacuum cleaners. Seriously? Cant even design your own vacuum without copying? Shameless.

You want a true Android company with great design, go to Sony. At least they have some dignity. Android is given a bad name by Samsung fanboys.

  • Anonymous

Tech specs can no longer capture the improvements in iPhone, as they don't just jam in features for features sake. Camera for example, compared to iPhone 5 is still 8MP, yet is much better. GSMArena specification list cannot capture these improvements which are qualitative not quantitative.

The chip for example is listed as A7 dual core 1.7GHz, yet nowhere is the M7 motion chip mentioned. This chip which is low power will handle all the sensor and accelerometer and GPS stuff, resulting in much more efficient battery and CPU use.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-56991, 12 Sep 2013It isn't a UM camera because as far is I've heard it uses the sa... moreWrong. The camera is totally new, with a much larger sensor array, larger aperture (all absorbing more light) and also larger pixels (1.5 micron pixel) resulting in higher quality pictures.

This camera is incredible.

  • Anonymous

am a nigerian and i just hope i can get the phone in my country. guess its on circulation?

  • Anonymous

Devrob, 13 Sep 2013Apple fan boys out of here, iOS 7 is just a copy of things that ... more
Google android has been copying the iPhone IOS since it was first released lol

  • tay

after seeing iphone 5s , it safe to say that samsung will still rule the smartphone for year 2013~2014. agree ?