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  • Roger

Bob, 16 Feb 2021Search you-tube for iphone 6 battery replacement. Looks easyit should not be that hard I justed fix my iPad mini 2

Pal9, 13 Feb 2021Hello, please answer anybody Is it good to change origin... more70 dollars is quite a lot but here it's pretty the same like 60 euro. My iPhone 6's battery is 84% capacity and it shows "replace battery" in the settings battery menu. However the phone is still usable albeit a bit slow and sluggish but it's 7 years old.

  • SeekPie

Pal9, 13 Feb 2021Hello, please answer anybody Is it good to change origin... moreYou can replaace it for under 30 eur yourself, apple just wants to make a lot of money.

  • Bob

Pal9, 13 Feb 2021Hello, please answer anybody Is it good to change origin... moreSearch you-tube for iphone 6 battery replacement. Looks easy

  • Md razu khan


Hello, please answer anybody

Is it good to change original battery fot iPhone 6? I contact to Apple Store they estimate cost 70$.
Is it worth to replace New battery bcos my battery health is 74% and gives hardly 1 hour screen on time. 🙏🇮🇳

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020Hi, i am currently using iphone 6. i want to upgrade my pho... moreiPhone se2020

  • Anonymous

avi, 04 Jan 2021EXACTLY. The operating system on i phone6 is only upto 12.... moreMy mom is using iPhone 5s and she can do online payments (upi) it is working fine check from your end

  • King

How do i upgrade my iphone 6

Note to the moderators of GSMAarena - the device received an update to 12.5.1.

  • Anonymous

how to open ihpone 6.pasward

  • LifeOfAPotato

I got this phone as a hand-me-down from my father and I have no idea how he managed to use it. Maybe it's because he used this only as a secondary phone to browse Facebook after the battery on his main phone ran out. I'm not sure if it is like this for all of you in 2021 of if I got a phone that didn't pass QC, but I can safely say that this has to be one of the worst, if not THE worst phone I have ever used. Even a Microsoft Lumia 535 is in a way better because it gives you less expectations. The cameras are fine (better than most modern budget phone cameras) and the speakers are satisfactory but the new updates have made the processor and RAM so slow, Whatsapp crashes whenever I open stickers because there are too many of them. Heck, even the keyboard takes about 3 seconds to respond on apps like Google. The battery is average and lasts an expected amount of time but this thing gets overcharged while you are still looking at it and the next thing you know, 3 months later, 100% goes down to 20% in five minutes. So, overnight charging (which is not something you should do anyway) isn't an option. As is expected, only a few modern games can be run and I am fine with that because you can still use this as a regular phone without any problems if you don't want to play any demanding games. What really bugs me is the connectivity. This phone has to have the worst WiFi signal receiver on the planet. WiFi signal on phones are generally bad but the signal on the iPhone 6 is just ridiculous. I am one floor away and nearly directly above the router but I am lucky to get a single bar. Sometimes the signal drops to one bar if you change your position even when sitting next to the router. A little bit of moving around fixes this and I have found that putting a hotspot from my laptop fixes the low signal issue even though speeds can drop sometimes but the real disappointment here is the Bluetooth signal. I recently bought a Bluetooth headset and I became really disappointed when I realised the connectivity of it was so bad, I had to keep the phone at chest level to listen to things without any problems. I wish I was exaggerating, but putting my phone in my pocket would mean that the headset would lose connection and get disconnected. I was about to right up a bad review for the headset when I decided to test the headset with my laptop. It works just fine even if you are one floor away from the laptop. I honestly can't understand how the Bluetooth connectivity on this phone could be this bad. I'm not sure if this is a problem for a lot of you but I know the WiFi one is since there are a lot of YT videos and Google searches about it. This phone is fine if you use it purely as a phone and doesn't expect it to do some of the things a modern smartphone does but in 2021, this phone has become quite outdated and is fine for light use only. I won't give it a bad rating because this was probably pretty good back in the day but by today's standards, you are better off with a different phone.

  • virgo

2019 bought secondhand iphone 5s, 6, 7... updated newest ios ..... up to now 2021 working good including the battery, i found how to save it..... iPhone is the best if you know how to use & care... ^_^

  • avi

mahi, 17 Dec 2020My I Phone 6 Not supporting UPI Payments .EXACTLY. The operating system on i phone6 is only upto 12.5 maximum. UPI specially phone pe needs ios 13.4 minimum. I cant use phone pe. it is outdated and useless. Apple is least bothered by this. Want me to buy another phone. Guess what? I am buying android

  • Guest

The only phone that can be bend.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 6: My battery's kinda short

20,000 MaH power bank: Naaahhhh I don't think so🙄

  • Single

1GB of RAM?
Just iOS make this phone faster than but it's not all things that I need.
6s and iPhone 8 are really really better than it.
I love iOS for it's animations and some settings but Android is better because I can change it from zero to a hero just with a custom rom!

Just got an update for iOS 12.5 on the phone.

  • mahi

My I Phone 6 Not supporting UPI Payments .

  • margaaa

this phone is the best