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dn, 19 Nov 2019Is it still okay to use this on 2020? How long does the battery ... moreWell, I would suggest choose iPhone 7 if you are Apple user. Year 2020, iPhone 6 is not recommended again, no iOS 13 update and will no longer get support anymore.

  • dn

Is it still okay to use this on 2020? How long does the battery last when streaming videos on browser and YouTube? I actually used my phones for social media, listening to music, play light games. Please reply, guys!

  • Marcus

My iPhone 6 WiFi max is 540 Mbps, not only 150 Mbps. (A1586)

i am using this for 5 years. still i love it

RYE YAN, 06 Nov 2019been using iphone6 for quite a while... still looks good and fee... moreIt is 5 years old now. Not recommended anymore in 2020. I just hope iPhone old series price drop minimal 50% for iPhone 7 series or iPhone 8 series.


been using iphone6 for quite a while... still looks good and feels good, even when browsing, streaming youtube, musics... hope APPLE doesn't discontinue this phone in the future... just like the good ol' NOKIA 3310 supposedly the indestructible/unsinkable phone and they revamp it to a new phone... but no one's buying it anymore.... sigh! it might end up on the corner of some room and put it up on display... and maybe APPLE realize it to keep using these old phones and put it on good use like still can make calls, text and so on...

I almost use iPhone 6 for 1 month now. Bought it second hand with very good condition, original full accessories and the box.

Here my review:
+ Performance is still very good. I can type in the iPhone keyboard, fast
+ Multitasking apps moderate, still good leave a while an app then comeback later, but not good in game multitask
+ Camera stutter is fast and result of objects also clear and very good
+ Charging using iPad 10W is better than 5W inside the box. Faster a little bit
+ iOS update good, don't know what iOS version will be if Apple want after iOS 12.4.3
+ Brightness is good, LCD display is good I think. I don't want to expect get burn-in if it is set 100% brightness. I would better keep it safe

- Multitasking in game is not good. After leave the game, open other apps, back to game, it will reload
- Not recommended for playing game such as Dynasty Legend, AOV, Celtic Heroes. I tested, played several minutes, then they force closed. I think it is the time to upgrade the phone with iPhone that has 2 GB RAM minimal
- Price for new original authorized this iPhone in my region is expensive. With that price I could get Realme 3 Pro RAM 6 GB, Oppo K3 or Vivo V11 RAM 6 GB
- Battery is poor if this phone is used for playing games much

For me, iOS 12.4.3 looks better than previously. Charging time I see better than iOS 12.4.2. So far no problem with this software. No heat, no drain (I do not play game much).

  • Anonymous

NikiDroid, 29 Oct 2019iOS 12.4.3 available today. I had updated my iPhone 6. Nothing n... moreyh that's true

  • harry

Walter, 29 Oct 2019My iPhone 6 plain doesn't read any SIM card,it display no servic... moreTry to change your SIM.. if not solved.. then visit repairing shop

  • Walter

My iPhone 6 plain doesn't read any SIM card,it display no service or searching all the time so I don't know what's wrong with my phone so I need help please

iOS 12.4.3 available today. I had updated my iPhone 6. Nothing new and changed but hope this bring software better.

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2019Very poor battery life because of its slim designIf you use it much, it drains. I am still OK with that. Screen time around 4 hours 42 minutes more. If the phone occupied with bigger battery makes charge time longer since iPhone 6 doesn't support fast charging 18W.

  • Anonymous

Very poor battery life because of its slim design

So far use iPhone 6 for around 2 weeks makes me satisfy for performance in everyday use (social media, chat, message, phone call). Charging speed is slow, it usually takes up to 2 hours several minutes to 100% from below 45% charging.

So far nobody can answer my difficult question. If I use iPhone default keyboard, typing don 't in here GSMArena then submit, that don 't word will change automatically to be don't. Why it can happen? What the reason mark ' can change to be  automatically?

wasi, 09 Dec 2018hii. please guide me when to charge an iphone battery ? some for... moreI usually charge my iPhone from below 45% till 100%, but sometimes not till 100% I had unplugged it when I would like to use it.

AnonD-267221, 20 Sep 2019I never used iPhone before only android phones is it good if I b... moreI had used iPhone 6 since 7 Oct 2019. Well I would like to say that for everyday use, do chatting, WhatsApp, Skype, messaging, write comment in GSMArena using Safari, use Facebook, Twitter, work fine and can be trusted used well. Multitasking apps also good although compared Android RAM 6 GB won’t beat Android. But not good in multitasking game, after several seconds leave and open other app, read comment and reply a message, back to the game, that game will be reloaded.

Charging time is around 2 hours several minutes, I usually charge my phone when battery under 45% or under 40%.

After I use iPhone 6 for around a week. Well, I think for everyday use like messaging, chat (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc) are good. Multitasking applications are fine, but in game multitasking. The game will be reload after leave for several seconds if open other apps.

iPhone also too late in using fast charging charger in the box. Like iPhone 8 should need to buy fast charger adapter or using iPad 12W charger. They can make it 18W charger come in the box like Android, but Apple didn’t do this. That’s my opinion.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2019Did it heat up while gaming or using cellular.. No, but little warm when it is being charged.