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Apple iPhone 6

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  • GHx
  • 28 Sep 2022

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2022Wow! How much all ur rent money

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    • mFd
    • 05 Sep 2022

    Jamil, 26 Aug 2022homeWow! How much

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      • Jamil
      • KIU
      • 26 Aug 2022


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        • Star boy
        • X5u
        • 07 Aug 2022

        Is a good phone

          android user, 02 Aug 2022nice phone but iphones are too dangerous only few awakened ... moreI don't mind of this...

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            • android user
            • Kxb
            • 02 Aug 2022

            nice phone but iphones are too dangerous only few awakened ppl knows that apple is illuminati that i stands for illuminati and we know what's agenda 21 and how apple will promote nwo

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              • Morgan
              • qyk
              • 27 Jul 2022

              Anonymous, 15 Jul 2022I prefer you get an iPhone SE 2020 instead, the phone is WA... moreDefinitely, it's one more year for whatsapp for iPhone 6. Next year nov-dec 2023 they will stop to work whatsapp, facebook etc on iPhone 6 😭

                good phone i guess

                  This was my very first iPhone to use I got as a gift for hard working. But I used for a less than a month and upgraded to iPhone 6s. Good phone though.

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                    • f}L
                    • 15 Jul 2022

                    Hussain, 01 Jul 2022I will gets mine soonI prefer you get an iPhone SE 2020 instead, the phone is WAYYY too old but supports a good number of apps

                    still I wont recommend you to buy an iPhone 6 in 2022

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                      • 3SI
                      • 12 Jul 2022

                      I still think sometimes that I prefer the clicky home button of the 6 and 6s over the 7 and later. There is slight variation but most of them feel very satisfying to click, even more so than on the 5s/SE. I know of the reliability advantage of a non-clicking button, but it also is coupled in a weird way that only Apple can restore button functionality if broken (not only TouchID, but the entire clicking). And a disadvantage is that it can’t be clicked with only the fingernail.

                      And of course, the headphone jack can’t be beat. If my iPhone had the headphone jack, I could just get rid of this dongle, because yes, my MacBook doesn’t have Lightning (shocker).

                      The 6s really was the peak of the iPhone. And it was one of the easier to repair. If they released the SE 3 but with the normal SE 2 colors, as well as the physical home button and headphone jack, it would be perfect. And cost for Apple wouldn’t be much different either. The normal home buttons are still used in the base iPad. Win-win in my opinion.

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                        • Hussain
                        • Nu7
                        • 01 Jul 2022

                        I will gets mine soon

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                          • Anonymous
                          • YUU
                          • 28 Jun 2022

                          Getting this on a week 1gb 128gb huhu can't wait i don't care at least it can download cod

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                            • anonymous
                            • NJx
                            • 21 Jun 2022

                            I won't lie either, got one compared to Touch and Nano 6, it's better with 128GB but both thin units get hot, with camera use primarily, and seem to charge rather quickly but mono audio a major let down considering phone content on YouTube more impressive, my newer Motorola G Play iirc, not nearly as good either, and mini Droid Motorola from 2013 the best I've owned camera wise, no memory additions available

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                              • Geofpro Chaucer
                              • fnD
                              • 02 Jun 2022

                              good phone

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                                • Q}R
                                • 01 Jun 2022

                                David, 17 May 2022Is it still worth buying for 2022I am personally leaving mine behind right now. So many budget phones are getting way better specs nowadays for similar prices.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 7Xs
                                  • 23 May 2022

                                  Not Gonna Lie But Iphone 6 Still Runs Good For Basic Use And im Using Apple Iphone 6 And Its Good

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                                    • Aadrian
                                    • 3Ta
                                    • 18 May 2022

                                    David, 17 May 2022Is it still worth buying for 2022If I were you I'd skip it. It runs fine with iOS 12 but there are some hiccups and lags.

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                                      • David
                                      • XBJ
                                      • 17 May 2022

                                      Is it still worth buying for 2022

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                                        • aliyous
                                        • r3H
                                        • 13 May 2022

                                        The offphone is nice and run smooth but my only problem is battery ,the battery keep darining even if the phone is switch.