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  • Benjii
  • niN
  • 19 Aug 2023

I switched to a Nokia G42 just today after 8 years iPhone 6 and it was a great phone thumbs up!
Now it is obsolete and yes the years started counting after all that time so I found it was time to get a new phone.

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    • blackfirerocks
    • vx6
    • 08 Aug 2023

    can you add atleast 14.0 version update

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      • Joe
      • KZK
      • 27 Jul 2023

      Anonymous, 19 Jun 2023Still the thinnest iPhone ever. I wonder if and when it wil... moreYep..still using it for backup phone

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        • Anonymous
        • 3SL
        • 19 Jun 2023

        Still the thinnest iPhone ever. I wonder if and when it will be beat.

          Hussain, 01 Jul 2022I will gets mine soonOk, just don't sit on it.

            Anonymous, 01 Mar 2023Needs iOS 13Apple can't provide this with iOS 13 due to hardware limitations.

              No. Just, no.

              If your in the market for a new phone and on an extreme budget, get literally ANYTHING else. (No, NOT the 6s either!)

              The phone hasn't been updated in years, app compatibility is going to only get worse, and the phone is HORRIFICALLY unreliable.

              Even if your an extreme apple fanboy, just, get a low end android phone. You'll get nice stuff like app support! And a phone that doesn't eat through batteries or destroy it's own motherboard!

              Besides, these low end smartphones nowadays are plenty powerful enough for even the most bloated of social media programs.

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                • Anonymous
                • x7u
                • 19 May 2023

                I used i ph 6 and updated ios to 12.5.7. At that time , my ph wifi and network system have a problem. So How can i solve this problem .

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 3SI
                  • 13 May 2023

                  This was the last iPhone that continued to have some ergonomic advantage over its predecessor, instead of being a straight downgrade in that regard

                  - the iPhone 3G had a more rounded than the 2G, making it feel better in the hand
                  - the iPhone 4 did not feel as good but was thinner
                  - the iPhone 5 did not feel as good as the 4 and it was taller, but was thinner and lighter
                  - the iPhone 6 was bigger than the 5, but had better feeling rounded sides and it was thinner
                  - since then, iPhones generally became bigger, heavier, thicker and flatter. The iPhone 14 Pro series is the current peak of that. They are big, they weigh over 200 grams and they have sharp flat sides. I‘d prefer if Apple did a Pro phone that was the size and shape and weight of the iPhone 8 or at least the X. But what we have right now is an ergonomic nightmare.

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                    • CommonCommodities
                    • Ibx
                    • 09 May 2023

                    This phone works great make sure to update to iOS 12, and it's fast and secure. I have tons of photos and videos on here recorded in 1080p. Knowing that I can have tons of memories makes me know that I have a good family. (REVISED on 9/13/2014)

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 3@f
                      • 19 Apr 2023

                      Anonymous, 09 Mar 2023we need ios 13 :(You are 4 (four) years late.

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                        • Atikell
                        • iV%
                        • 24 Mar 2023

                        Yes update especially to iOS 12 it works great on the iPhone 6 don’t listen to what anyone says it’s works fine on iOS 12

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                          • Anonymous
                          • IbG
                          • 16 Mar 2023

                          It would be coolif the iphone 6 got ios 13 but the 5s is close in power to the 6 so if the 6 got ios 13 the 5s could probably run it too but ah it would be cool if both the 5s and the 6 got ios 13 maybe even ios 14 but probably not because we saw how ios 9 ran on the iphone 4s we wouldn't want a 4s situation to happen it would be bad

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 7X3
                            • 09 Mar 2023

                            we need ios 13 :(

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                              • Anonymous
                              • guw
                              • 01 Mar 2023

                              Needs iOS 13

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                                • Anonymous
                                • mFd
                                • 23 Feb 2023

                                krishna shrestha , 10 Feb 2023Updated and recovery Could

                                  I got iOS 12.5.7 on the iPhone 6. A little over 250MB I believe. Great to still see support on this ancient phone.

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                                    • krishna shrestha
                                    • YPe
                                    • 10 Feb 2023

                                    Anonymous, 02 Feb 2023I don,t undersandUpdated and recovery

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                                      • rhomarxp
                                      • thf
                                      • 08 Feb 2023

                                      People in social media said that this iPhone 6 would die faster not even 1 minute of use, they’re wrong, Sure some people with iPhone 6 had 75% Battery health, there’s even 69%, but iPhone 6 with more than 90% actually does last longer than my iPhone 7, which dies faster in iOS 15.4 with 96% Battery health, just one minute use of the iPhone 7 and it went like 72% to 69% Real quick. iPhone 6 and 6s are the last iPhones to have those earphone jacks and Physical home button, considering people judges Phones nowadays by their model and year. What’s best on this iPhone 6 (if you had the 90-100%) is that it doesn’t drain fast, even on iOS 12.5.6, Can outlast iPhone 7 & 8, still runs smoothly and can be used for everyday use. I have one with 91% (92% on 3utools), unfortunately Bypassed device, it’s still pretty to have one even it’s 8 years old now.

                                      Ps : if you have an Bypassed iPhone, know that Small Phones like L8Star Bm10/Hope Bm10/Mini Nokia 3310 Existed where you can Call, Text, Play music or Record voice. I have one and take it with me whenever i use my iPhone 6 that has

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • xjH
                                        • 02 Feb 2023

                                        Aadrian, 08 Jan 2023My iPhone 6 runs iOS 12 and it's all fine. Of course t... moreI don,t undersand