Apple iPhone 6 rear panel leaks out of China

09 June, 2014

The iPhone 6 has been popping up in the rumor mill quite a bit recently. Quite curiously the China-based Apple manufacturer Foxconn revealed that it will be manufacturing both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models of the upcoming Apple flagship, just hours before their recent WWDC conference.

Now, another leak out of China shows off the rear panel of the 4.7" model yet again, this time with a cut-out apple logo.

Apple has traditionally shied away using a cutout logo on its smartphones, relying on one melded into the surface of the device instead. Now it's hypothesized that the iPad-esque cutout section could even be illuminated, and possibly used for notification alerts as well. This last bit is unlikely, however, as on the latest iPad mini the cutout logo does not illuminate, and is instead used to overcome the shielding effect the metal casing had on the internal antenna.

Side views reveal the familiar standard mute and elongated volume buttons on the left side, accompanied by a SIM tray slot and power/lock button on the right. The latter has been moved to the bottom half of the panel to allegedly make it more accessible due to the larger footprint mandated by the new 4.7-inch screen.

This latest leak coincides with previous glimpses of the iPhone 6, so it looks like the larger-screened iPhone may finally be a reality. Expect even more on the iPhone 6 - and whatever screen variants it will have - as the alleged September launch date nears.

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  • AnonD-212255

LOL...You need glasses then if you think the iPhone 4 looks anything like this. Take a better look, then come correct.

  • AnonD-255129

What does that have to do with anything? Android flagships are around the same price as the latest iPhone, that doesn't keep them from being sold in large quantities. Not everyone likes a closed OS where Apple decides what you can and canno...

  • Nick

what made you think iphone is "expensive"?. just because someone don't like the iphone doesn't mean he could not afford it.