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  • Matt
  • 7@$
  • 14 Jun 2024

I have recently bought this phone for £30 and to be honest I like it better than my a05s it has better camera, better gaming performance and thanks to me changing the battery it now last about 2 days, honestly happy with this phone t he only can is it’s only IOS 15

    James G, 18 May 2024Legend, definitely apples best phone! I have it tooit is legend, but Samsung is Best phone Ever!

      This device is still perfectly usable in 2024, I am amazed. Of course, only con is the terrible battery life, but given that this is a almost 10 year old device, it still holds up very, very well. I am blessed to have a fine example.

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        • idk
        • teR
        • 28 May 2024

        my dad used this phone for like 6 to 7 years

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          • Iphone 6s fan
          • pdQ
          • 23 May 2024

          Even though the iphone 6s dates back to 2015, it's still a good smartphone in 2024. Despite the fact that the rear of the device has not aged well, the build quality is quite good.

          It has been possible for some time to downgrade the model to ios 9 and 10,11, 12 but it's not totally usable for everyday use for now.

          But it heats up less than ios 15 and the battery lasts much longer.
          Even if Ios 15 runs fine on the 6s but in power-saving mode.

          After that, it's not an iphone to buy for those who want an iphone that's still updated in terms of major updates, but still updated for system security.

          They are still suitable for some people.

          Already, the prices of these iphones have dropped a lot since they are no longer updated with new versions of ios and are now old.

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            • Iosif
            • mAM
            • 18 May 2024

            Anonymous, 30 Mar 2023This phone has a horrible battery even with a quality repla... moreI have the iphone 12 mini and it almost last's me the whole day,the battery it's at 84%
            I had a iphone 6s and it was way worse.But the 12 mini is more expensive.

              • J
              • James G
              • K6X
              • 18 May 2024

              1234Sonx, 08 May 2024I have this phone and it still worksLegend, definitely apples best phone! I have it too

                I have this phone and it still works

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                  • Anonymous
                  • K1L
                  • 07 May 2024

                  Still use this model to this day, ios 15 is the latest available update for the 6S but app support is still going strong

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                    • Anonymous
                    • raQ
                    • 05 May 2024

                    Still use this model to this day, ios 15 is the latest available update for the 6S but app support is still going strong

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Nu7
                      • 21 Apr 2024

                      Pls I want to know if this phone can handle minor video editing apps like Alight motion etc perfectly without hanging or having issues.

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                        • sEF
                        • 07 Apr 2024

                        My 6s 16gb. Free memory only 5gb 🤣

                          Regi C Jose, 02 Nov 2023Still I use an I phone 6s from 2017 untill now. recently I ... moreClear ya space

                            It’s a good phone and my first apple device...thinking upgrading to x but can’t complain I think I won’t ever go back to android unless it’s samsang s8 and above

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                              • 6S 2015
                              • ucw
                              • 01 Feb 2024

                              Still Snappy With 16gb Base Model For Social Stuff, About A Year Battery Still Strong.

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                                • King Miracle
                                • r31
                                • 28 Jan 2024

                                jctee2023, 27 Jan 2024I bought the 16GB version of this for $30 with 70% battery ... more✌️✌️✌️

                                  I bought the 16GB version of this for $30 with 70% battery health and bought an $8 replacement battery online. Best decision so far! Phone still rocks in 2024 despite being stuck at iOS 15, you can still download apps tho. Besides, I’m only using this as a backup phone to my iPhone 13. I downloaded only the apps that I badly need and got 4-6hrs SOT by the way.

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                                    • King Miracle
                                    • r3j
                                    • 20 Jan 2024

                                    Most of y’all complaining about the battery;
                                    I got a new battery replacement for cheap here in my country (4.7$), and I get 4 hrs SOT on a single charge. I uninstalled all the Apple Apps (Maps, Etc), and disabled background app refresh.
                                    My battery life has been great ever since.

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                                      • varun vk
                                      • Ld0
                                      • 26 Dec 2023

                                      My first ever apple device & after 8 years still I'm an apple user, currently using iPhone 13 pro max.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • n5c
                                        • 03 Dec 2023

                                        i am still using my iphone 6 just fine. its got a bit slow recently and the battery life is not great, but hey, it is still going and i can use headphones most importantly!