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  • Pear

AndroidVsApple, 10 Sep 2015iPhone users think that some features are only available in ipho... moreExactly. Apple users are unbelievable naive when it comes to smart phone features. Every bit of so called 'innovation' from their beloved iPhones has been around on Android devices for years previously. Apple give it a new name and all the fan boys go nuts as if they have just re-invented the wheel. Crazy.

  • JKay

Still disappointed! Why not add optical image stabilization to the camera? Why not add features like the SONY smartphones.. like: FM radio with RDS, stereo speakers, IP68 certified, micro sd card slot etc..

  • AndroidVsApple

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2015Haha come lets try. I can drop my iPhone anytime, any place, any... moreiPhone users think that some features are only available in iphones because they have never used android device first.
There are cloud services already available from google. And there are way many features available on android before it came to apple. Check the ios changelog.

  • Exapple fan

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2015Best mobile becomes even better. S6 couldn't even defeat A8 i... moreDon't get to hype up because you will surely be disappointed the Iphone 6S has 2 GB RAM a quad core processor 12 mega pixel camera on the back and a 5 mp camera on the front while still being 4.7 inch's with a 1810 mah battery with the new 3d touch display when Samsung brought out the new Galaxy Note 5 and the new and improve S6 curve both have got 4 GB RAM both have got a CPU Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 GPU Mali-T760MP8 both have got a 16 MP, 5312 x 2988 pixels, optical image stabilization, autofocus both have a 5 mp camera on the front both have got a battery that is over 2200 mah both have got 3d touch display both have got display zoom both have got a very nice curved screen with a nice edge design and a very nice edge display both and the Iphone 6S have 4K UHD where the Iphone 6S can't take a SD Card same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus on the other hand both the Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus can take a SD Card it all comes down to what type of hard case a person wants to keep there phone in SAMSUNG is rolling out a number of cases that can let people have a SD Card connected to they Note 5 or S6 S6 Edge and S6 Plus I can say after being through so many different types of Android Smart phones I like how things are always different and are always changing and in case you are wounding what type of phone I have I got one of them full on Windows 10 slates 5"4 inch 4K touch display 6 GB RAM Quad core processor 2 GB Nividia mobile graphics card full qwerty keyboard that easily slides out from underneath finger ID on the touch screen I just need to tap and it lets me in with my finger print and if your wounding how much it cost me it was a total of $1600 why because it's a real computer in the pocket that takes a SIM Card for making calls to people and it has 200 GB with a 64 GB SD card and I can connect my portable 1TB HDD because it has one USB 3 connection it let's me do more then any type of Android Nokia Black Berry and Iphone ever could

Pear, 10 Sep 2015Apple are deliberately vague when it comes to RAM and processor ... moreI wouldn't argue about it with them, they are brainless mate! Just see their comments.. jesus they don't have a life.
If my device can do what I want and survive long that's it. My old sony ericsson w995 recently died after 5,5 years of having it, 5,5 years!! (it's slider ribbon got burned and needs replacement, not completely died) Let's see if iphone or any other smartphone survive this long. Only phone that seems to be able to do that at the moment is sony z5.

  • amruth

Hi All,

PLEASE DON'T BUY APPLE IPHONES............i am facing many many problems.........I hate APPLE IPHONES.............if we buy them.........we will regret...........simply they show as a luxury product with their HIGH price.......nothing else............i was shifted from ANDROID to IPHONE.........regretting now..............Any Android mobile OR specially SAMSUNG is BETTER than APPLE..........people are just thinking that if we have IPHONE in our hand then we are RICH. Its a myth.
Apple will not sus

  • Anonymous

why there is no option to download songs

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Haha come lets try. I can drop my iPhone anytime, any place, anyhow. I still can replace with a new iPhone. And still have all my data restored via iCloud.

GG for Sony / Samsung.. Oh yea. Your slots Bye bye ;)

And this time with 7000 series aluminium. I can dare challenge any android flagship to a chopping board. See who scratch first ahahahaa.

  • AndroidVsApple

Apple shares down 2% after launch of new iPhone and TV

Apple has already disappointed investors. Whats the point of you iphone lovers defending the new device? I still think iPhone 5s was the best one in terms of everything.

  • Pear

DenisXD, 10 Sep 2015And I'm the fanboy? Guess you really use your brain.. im impress... moreApple are deliberately vague when it comes to RAM and processor speeds because they know that in comparison to the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony etc they are (as usual) miles behind the competition.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2015Hahaa Sony lover? Only Sony fanboys will consider waterproof.. R... moreAnd I'm the fanboy? Guess you really use your brain.. im impressed.
There are much better things to do than having a device you know? Like having a life..

I don't care what's the better device when your language falls so low.

  • Anonyme

AnonD-22588, 10 Sep 2015from 2007 till now iphone is better than android iphone is a phone,android is a system,,,,,,,try to compare the 6s with Xperia Z5,,,,

  • Feodor

still no information about the RAM and the CPU ????

  • Pear

So basically this 3D Touch display does the same thing that Air View does on the Samsung Galaxy S4 that came out 2 years ago? Another brilliant piece of innovation from Apple!

AnonD-439180, 10 Sep 2015Stop talking about specs! Dont be tards! If i give u a 2mp camer... moreDaa.. ok let's clear something out here, doing many things at once (ie multitasking) requires more cores and ram. Iphone runs a few things faster than an android phone, but when things get complicated iphone will slow down because of it's limited ram. The android phone however won't because it has more ram and more cores.
You apple fanboys are brainless because the actual performance difference is less than 3 freakin seconds, 3 seconds! And you think that this makes iphone better?
Other devices have much higher display resolutions, but still manage to run things blazing fast! Let's see iphone going to 4k resolution, and still being able to run as fast, and especially as long as sony z5p.

  • Anonymous

DenisXD, 10 Sep 2015best mobile? ha, dump it in a swimming pool and let's see how be... moreHahaa Sony lover? Only Sony fanboys will consider waterproof.. ROFL..

Dare to beat the legendary iPhone? All you people can only proof PAPER SPECS NUMBER, and if you did manage to research into those Paper specs you will be ashamed of yourself.. because those numbers do not add up..

iPhone is top in terms of camera / cpu / gpu performance / OS API / Games / everything. All those phones till now can not even stand on par with it.

Even the soo call KING S6 / Note 5 / Edge, all FAILED to iPhone 6, because they are so EAGER to add more worthless resolution. Now in the eyes of iPhone 6S.. 70% faster CPU / 90% faster GPU.. GG Android fanboys.

  • AnonD-9198

The only "NEW" thing in iPhone 6s is the wallpaper

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2015Best mobile becomes even better. S6 couldn't even defeat A8 i... morebest mobile? ha, dump it in a swimming pool and let's see how best it is.
There is no device without downsides, and iphone has many. Worst of all it's durability and price.

  • AnonD-439180

Stop talking about specs! Dont be tards! If i give u a 2mp camera that does better photos than a 12 mp camera whats the point? Why a octacore when a good dualcore does the job? Most of u cant even understand what cpu and gpu stands for and u cry about specs ... U say middle range phone specs , i can just lol to that. M9 has 20 mp camera and a old s4 can compete with that crappy camera... So specs are nothing just some numbers on paper.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2015but it doesnt look like there is a difference in the 6/6s the... morenext year same september