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Apple iPhone 6s

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-246863, 09 Sep 2015I agree that IOS is very limited and I too not like IOS so much ... moreHey ayushi who do you think makes the iphone displays .. lg does . So how can apple make a better display than lg if apple is buying display made by lg display?

what is the camera sensor size?

  • Vikas

Again no ois in camera, screen resolution is very low compared to other flagship, and i think ram is same 1gb as procedure (ram size is not open from apple), no fast charger....

  • AnonD-105859

I dont know how iphone make war with andriod! camera 12 megapixel , battery 1810 mAh
326ppi 1GB ram dont have LED Notif and very expensive

  • Anonymous

3dtouch is pressure sensitivity. It's not new, at all. Just rebranded for Apple's sake. And Apple needs another form of a button.

  • AnonD-96064

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2015Apple just make a phone for working ppl with 4.7 inch screen W... moreNot saying Apple is bad but you get "phone for working people" from SONY as well with flagship specs. They are the compact series (Z1 compact, Z3 compact and now latest Z5 compact).. Also you get 2 days of battery life as compared to one of apple. Tested both of them and you can always refer the GSM Arena spec sheet for comparison. :)

  • AnonD-96064

AnonD-246863, 09 Sep 2015I agree that IOS is very limited and I too not like IOS so much ... moreAgreed we can't tell difference between 720p and 1080p (may be)..4k is too much on a phone (btw i am a SONY fan).. But then why price the phone so high :P when you price it so high that is when you start comparing it with other phones in market... I love the way apple screen work and really like it but i can't move away from android to IOS simply because you have much more freedom on android.

Can't comment on the ram size processor as both IOS and android are pretty different. Guess we'll have to wait for comparison reviews to clarify things :)

But for some reason i expected more upgrades from Apple.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-322352, 10 Sep 2015What fabrication process is A9 based upon? Does anyone have an idea?Rumors have it at 20nm, same as A8. If its made by TMSC, then its 20nm. Samsung have not made any A8 chips. Nor were they told to make A9..

The improvement comes in transistor architecture so that Apple claims. Which boost 70% faster CPU / 90% more graphics.

The funny thing is, they claim the M9 co chip is build into the A9 chip, and overall reduction in the battery capacity, means maybe the chip could be marginally larger, plus they also need to make space for the haptic engine.

I suspect its just clocked at higher ghz, with more ram, while offset the battery drain by more efficient transistor design.

  • Ed88

skip this phone for iphone 7...

  • AnonD-341196

AnonD-346562, 10 Sep 2015Lets all welcome same 2014 specs with 2012 technology. Come on A... moreSpecs =/= performance my son.

Its about optimization and efficiency. This is the reason why a 570 hp ferrari 458 will be much faster around a track than a 707 hp challenger hell cat.

  • AnonD-341196

Cant wait to get mine. 128 GB in Grey :)

  • SamFan

The force touch is not new technology in mobile world! Its in huawei mate s and Samsung Note series. If you design and draw anything with Spen, you know what i mean! But apple make it new cool features!! And i like it! In my opinion S6 edge plus and Note 5 is the best phones ever

  • AnonD-123099

~65.6% screen-to-body ratio, 750 x 1334 pixels...
major release, a lot of technology

  • Anonymous

Apple just make a phone for working ppl with 4.7 inch screen
Where the battery stands for one full day with heavy use

  • Anonymous

Only problem will be battery only 1810 mah always need to look for switch board to charge

  • AnonD-346562

Lets all welcome same 2014 specs with 2012 technology. Come on Apple this is not even a midrange device...
Android world is about to hit 6 GB of RAMs. 4000 and maybe 5000 mAmp of battery juice and 10 core processors with qhd display.... Are we back to stone age with Apple. Unfortunately people love paying for the trademark!!!!

...And it's still housing that tiny 1810mAh battery LOL! Even the Samsung Galaxy S6 has more than that!

  • Tiam


  • sojol

ram??? Ghz???

  • samrose

comicman, 10 Sep 20153D touch is not actually a great change in the smartphone world ... moreIt's ios not ram eatttterrrrr lagy android.