Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s

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  • vinod

AnonD-438966, 09 Sep 2015The plus version has 2GB ram so the 4.7 inch has the same.Where did u get that info? :)

  • vishal

android users be android can have me change it's icons and themes.Iphone can't do it.So Android is great.....i still don't get wat iphone can't do apart from customization.... it has blazing fast performance... awesome camera.....great screen with a very great accuracy of color reproduction..... i own an android though xD.....i just hand review all phones :)

  • AnonD-438966

sri, 09 Sep 2015where is the ram ???The plus version has 2GB ram so the 4.7 inch has the same.

  • picasso baby

Apple may as well have just saved themselves some money and not changed the iphone 6 from last year. whats the point in calling it a 6s just because it has 3D touch which is simply haptics like on android except it with a extra force push level on the screen for more options wow.... Alu 7000? nothing really not needed, iphone 6 didn't bend unless a freak accident. This is purely marketing not innovation.

  • AnonD-438966

The information about the Ram is not out yet but I am sure they said something like double speed so that might be an assumption of having more ram?

  • Kiboh

An Apple shame, barely half were falling idea. Steve times are over and now stranded Android watching them still taking advantage,

  • sri

where is the ram ???

  • kunal

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2015Great that they still use 300-330 ppi instead. No need more for ... moreyes u r right.....watever may be the screen size....330ppi is more than enough......these guys never see the color reproduction which makes the screen look gorgeous which is considere to be the best on iPhone 6/6+ and galaxy s6 and note 5.

  • leo

PJ, 09 Sep 2015Apple 6s ...4.7" 2gb ram 1810mAh battery 12MP camera...16GB... moreThe best way

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2015326 ppi is crapGreat that they still use 300-330 ppi instead. No need more for that small screen.

  • chaanu

awesome phone.Be it the chip or camera(obviously!!) or the improved touch id and 3d touch...everything is awesome.

  • Rbncha

no 2gb ram ?

  • Anonymous

Pure innovation, a revolution indeed. Qhat ellse can you expect from apple, they can make a thrash and put an apple badge on the back and hey, holyphone, its the best ever yet. For the sheep.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-234645, 09 Sep 2015Don't agree here. you can see TINY differenes between the models... moreApple always compare to the first iPhone ever. It's the only way it makes their improvements look like huge leaps!

  • AnonD-341345

weight 143 grams ?!

  • Anonymous

the battery sucks, they didn`t say anything about that, and it`t Li-ion not Li-Pol

  • AnonD-162425

Waaaant that huge 😎

  • AnonD-322481

hahaha Apple what are you do??? Sony Z5 win for sure. im very happy have z3 with QX1 objectiv. iShit with 6s plus s :))

  • geek

aytida, 09 Sep 2015why does everyone comment on dual cores and processing speed.iph... morethe reason u experience no "lag" on an iPhone is because their transition speed is MUCH slower on ios than android, why don't they reduce the transition speed on android you ask? Because it means your phone experience is MUCH slower on daily use. Don't believe me? Try switching to ios and tell me what you prefer? And if ur 1.7ghz aint hacking it for you, get a new phone!

  • albert

still no hd display for 6s.