Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s

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  • k y

apple laptop its not good for me why remove sd card normal usb and you can charge you phone on it this thing sucks looks like they ran out of ideas and the price its to dam expensive why pay for this when every thing has been removed this is making go back to Microsoft

  • AnonD-9070

abo, 08 Nov 2016go for 64G bcuz pics have big size64GB not available anymore so its either 32 gb or 128gb

  • shaalam.

battery is very very bad

  • gonna

since phones are going water proof and dust resistance why not fire proof up to a certain extent that will be nice

  • yo yo

can someone tell me why apple made this new apple laptop can't plug in you iPhone nor usb and sd card everything you need they took out what kind of laptop is this why do i have to spend more money on something that don't have every day stuff somebody let me know

  • mr j

is it true apple will skip 7s and go to 8 or 10 any body knows

  • kk

love iPhone but they sholud change the look and style on the iPhone 7 but it looks good thanks for the water proof and dust proof

  • Barbara

I love this!!!!

  • Anonymous

Akshay, 07 Nov 2016Guys i m really confused between 6s and android... pls someone s... moreAndroid is super best

  • jammer

Is it true that Samsung and Apple owned by 1 person?

  • abo

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2016Is iPhone 6s 16Gb enough if I do not download games or songs muc... morego for 64G bcuz pics have big size

  • mati

great phone but the round thin edges make it really easy to slip out of hands and are kind off uncomfortable to hold if you don`t have a case

  • Mohit

iphone SE

  • AnonD-486010

Akshay, 07 Nov 2016Guys i m really confused between 6s and android... pls someone s... moreIPhone 6s

  • Akshay

Guys i m really confused between 6s and android... pls someone suggest me....

  • Saddam

ravinder975, 01 Nov 2016Hi friends please advise me purchase new iPhone but confused 6s ... moreiPhone 7

  • g

love apple and samsung good phones

  • AnonD-464881

Compared to other phones like Asus, Samsung, etc, here you pay double the money for half the configuration/specification. Apple must think about being reasonable in their pricing. When 4S was launched in India it was Rs. 50,000 and now it is 14,000 and the actual price should be much lesser, so 50K-14K, i.e., Rs. 36,000 is just for brand name??!!!

  • TechLord777

I tested the iPhone 6s on a tech store, and tried switching to slow motion mode, while the front camera was running. The iPhone automatically switched to the rear camera. Switching back to normal video recording mode or photo mode did not bring me back to the front camera shooting mode automatically.
Please verify, whether 720p@240fps on the front camera might be incorrect. If that was possible, the sensor reading speed would easily be sufficient for 1440p@30fps and 1080p@60fps video recording, which the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 could have been doing on their rear camera theoretically.

  • Jamo

lyno1997, 02 Nov 2016apple iphone se would be a better device to go forSleek fast expensive 4.7 beats 4 any time any where any game.SECheaper but cheaper ain't got screen territory nor 64 GB...humm