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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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  • Wolf88

I am due for an upgrade in a little over a month now. I am currently using an iphone as my sonys screen broke yesterday. I have always used android but using the iphone (5s) as a spare phone is satisfying. I need a recommendation on if i should get the 6s Plus or does the 7 offer something better? Ive heard there isnt much difference from the 6 s to the 7.... is that correct? i enjoy iphone but it just seems more complicated and feels like it comes with more admin than an android? as well as it being more expensive than android.... please assist

  • karthikaa

AnonD-586769, 14 Oct 2016guys i want to help all those who are thinking to buy apple phon... moreso can you tell me why we should not buy i phone 6s plus

  • AnonD-586769

AnonD-597479, 14 Oct 20166s or 6s plus?if u want a one hand device then go for 6s (only32 and 128 gb version please) and if u want a better battery and a big screen then 6s plus

  • AnonD-586769

guys i want to help all those who are thinking to buy apple phones as a new owner also and people who are regular customers of apple so all of u can ask me any questions regarding any apple phone y u should buy y u should not and why it is better to wait for next phone and which phone will get better resale value at which time please ask anything i am here to help all

  • AnonD-597479

6s or 6s plus?

  • AnonD-597455

Tod, 07 Oct 2016Updated my phone, set up bio-metrics, and everything worked fine... moreIphone requires passcode after restarting it doesn't open the lock with touch id for the first time. But if you haven't updated your passcode on this phone then maybe you don't know about apple's new security update. Its now validated almost everything with your cloud id using in other devices or you've used in phone before this one. Try that passcode you used in your previous phone or any other apple device which using your same apple id. Maybe that helps.

  • AnonD-597455

AnonD-596966, 12 Oct 2016its really a fantastic 16GB Is best for Use IPhone... more16GB is not a good idea. Its ok if you use to have a limited apps,songs or pictures. But if you're going to make HD or 4k videos you're going to lose your phone memory in game of seconds. Apple just decided to release a 32gb variant. Buy that 32gb minimum.

  • Bahato

i hve iphone 6 s plus its a fantastic fon i like it so much

  • Iman

I've actually updated my iphone 6s plus to ios 10 and i had no hanging problems no heating problems nothing. My iphone honestly worked better and faster i will buy the 7s plus next year cause the s versions are always one step ahead than the main versions :)

  • alea

i just notice the baterry of 6s plus why is it li-ion and the rest of the iphone units are li-po battery? can something explain pls..thankyou..

  • AnonD-596966

its really a fantastic 16GB Is best for Use IPhone 6S Plus????

  • Anonymous

KJD, 23 Sep 2016Who upgraded to ios 10.0.1? did the battery life decrease? I'm p... more I have the iPhone 6 Plus and made the battery a lot better with the upgrade I'm very happy with the battery

  • AnonD-594806

Tod, 07 Oct 2016Updated my phone, set up bio-metrics, and everything worked fine... moreI would strongly advice you reach out to Apple Customer Service as the upgrade to the new iOS 10, if that is the upgrade you refer to has had issues with the iPhone 6 - iPhone 6S Plus. Seems the iPhone 7 and up were truly designed to utilize the new iOS.

  • Tod

Updated my phone, set up bio-metrics, and everything worked fine for several hours. Now when I try to access my phone it will not take my fingerprint and states "Touch ID requires your passcode when iPhone restarts." I have no idea what the phone requires since I have never set up a pass code.

  • AnonD-594189

Miss A!, 06 Oct 2016Is iPhone 6s Plus Water proof?Sadly, no. I've never had a problem with having non-waterproof phones though.

  • Miss A!

Is iPhone 6s Plus Water proof?

  • AnonD-129510

Updated my iPhone 6s plus to ios 10, and now, my sms, viber n other messaging notification app counter is gone, what happened here apple? I also turn off the badge app icon in notifications settings, but still, messages keep appearing... Very annoying...

  • james

i have got an i-Phone 6-plus in power off mood, i tried to open it but can't, After connect with charger found no response. I went to a technisian who also tried through another charger but no result. The technisian commenred that its motherboard not functional and it requires big amount to open moreover it will have to pay frequently. Its Bangladesh. I don't know who actualy the orginal purchassor of it? If i like to open it and make it functional what should I do and how much amount require to open it.

  • sudo

LUis, 18 Sep 2016Guys is Iphone 7plus worth the upgrade from Iphone 6s plus?....b... moreDon't

  • Slicknick

KJD, 23 Sep 2016Who upgraded to ios 10.0.1? did the battery life decrease? I'm p... moreI have a 5c and upgraded to 10. Battery life is fine once I don't go playing games on the device.