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  • Lol

720p display in 2016 .. Hahahhaha i am writing this onmmy 2160p :)z5 prrmium

  • Devesh Revankar

Ditching 3.5 mm jack to make the phone slimmer? What you makin Apple, tortillas?

  • menia

Never mind the thickness if you have battery to justify it.

  • ammo

veer, 28 Apr 2016Why Applenis trying to slim down the phone though everybody... moreAgree with you dude.

Slim down the phone to fit smaller battery and then " sell battery cases for 100$"

Kill the headphone jack to " sell their own headphones now"

No 32 GB option because they knew 32 is enough for most of people and no will buy their high price memory upgrade.

Apple is cheating people ,but people loved to be cheated buy Apple.

  • veer

Why Applenis trying to slim down the phone though everybody hates a smaller battery?

Are they arrogant to be Apple ?

AnonD-517593, 28 Apr 2016These predictions come from apple analyst ming-chi kuo. His... moreWe'll see. New leaks will reveal more of the speculated stuff.

  • AnonD-517593

Highlander1978, 28 Apr 2016about the storage - I doubt it. As for the ram it is likely... moreThese predictions come from apple analyst ming-chi kuo. His track record is the best of all analysts. And some selling point the iphone 7 needs to have. If it's exactly like the 6s nobody would buy it. They'd all get the 6s instead bc it's cheaper but not worse. So apple needs to present something. And 256gb plus the 3gb ram and better canera will be some sort of selling point.
And for the 7s they have other stuff coming like a better screen, likely curved amoled screen, distant wireless charging, and a new glass design (Also according to ming-chi kuo). Plus some other stuff for sure bc it will ne their tenth anniversary phone. And it might be called iphone 8 instead of 7s.

  • Anonymous

Minimum 1080p display is needed
Few features that can make interface more customizable
Better speaker & little more water resistant need good front camera & better low light camera bigger battery life after all its iPhone

  • AnonD-234645

Many leaksters claim the Apple A10 SoC will be HexaCore. speed is unknown.
but I do agree that the lack of the audio jack will be a HUGE disappointment

  • Ace

MOE, 27 Apr 2016i don't understand why someone would by a phone without a j... moreI think they are planning to release a very exclusive wireless iHeadset that will cost more than $200. They will give no option but to buy it.

Pls dnt take it seriously xD

  • Mazid79

I'm waiting Iphone 7s :)

AnonD-517593, 27 Apr 2016Not necessarily. It's likely that at least the 7plus will c... moreabout the storage - I doubt it. As for the ram it is likely to have 3 gb, but as fas as I know apple. they do the speed updates in the s versions of their phones.

  • AnonD-467404

sad news!. everyone is going to remove audio jack. the only solution we have is boycott these devices without audio jack. unless they release device with audio jack or a good alternative other than using charging port.

  • AnonD-531138

Waterproofing is likely to be the greatness of iphone 7.

  • AnonD-517593

Highlander1978, 27 Apr 2016well, one of the most certain things among all spec is that... moreNot necessarily. It's likely that at least the 7plus will come with 256gb. So it would make sence to go from 16/64/128 to 32/128/256. So that those who want 32gb as base storage have to buy an 7plus. Just like it will likely have 3gb of ram and a dual lense camara.

  • Anonymous

if the 3.5mm jack is gone than apple iphone 7 might be a failure

  • MOE

i don't understand why someone would by a phone without a jack, i mean who doesnt want to listen to music on their phone or watch movies for that matter. apple. a wowing phone " yeah".

  • lee

rather wait for some time before upgrading since it takes them years before releasing an iphone with a substantial difference. e.g. we only saw a difference from the iphone 4s when the 6s was released. patience is virtue!!!!

  • brucks"

Perfectly given!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-237518

iphone6=iphone6s=iphone 7 !!!!!