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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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  • Anonymous

User, 06 Jul 2021How to control battery drain?You can't, once it is there then there's no way of getting rid of it. God knows what's causing battery drain (excluding apps that eat battery even in background).

  • dozer

its good phone for this day it very comfortable for nowadays but the price is shame honestly but yeah

  • Anonymous

using a smartphone without F.M radio kikikikikiki😀😀😀

  • User

How to control battery drain?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Final 50000

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2021The loudspeaker (bottom of the phone, there are some circul... moreThe earphone speaker is the wide grill right next to the camera. If it is whiter or yellower than when you first bought it, it's a sign that there is grime built up.

  • Anonymous

User123, 27 Jun 2021How did you clean it?The loudspeaker (bottom of the phone, there are some circular holes) can be cleaned by gently rubbing with a toothbrush (a dry one you won't use anymore). If you have the matte black phone, be a bit careful as that one can chip the color, even if I guess some chipped color is better than no volume.

If you mean the earphone speaker, you can also clean that one with a toothbrush as well.

  • User123

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2021You need to clean the ports I got mine clean and the sound ... moreHow did you clean it?

Still using this beast! Changed the battery just now and feels like new.

  • raju

awesome iPhone

  • Anonymous

Sassy, 20 Apr 2021It’s been 2 - 3 years of use and the volume keeps getting b... moreYou need to clean the ports I got mine clean and the sound went back to normal

  • KingOfKingz4736

This phone is still awesome in 2021. I just got one in all black and it took me a while to get use to it coming from Android. It really does surprise me a lot and I think I’m sticking to Apple from now on. Only issue would be the battery but I guess it’s normal for its time, since my last phone had a 5000 for the battery and this is almost half of that. I would still recommend this phone for anyone looking for a nice size phone and looking for an iOS entry device.

AIP7P, 29 May 2021Best To Uncheck Unused Most Feature's & Enable Few... more👍🏻👍🏻

  • AIP7P

JohnNy L, 20 May 2021I have formated my phone way back in Dec 2020 and I just us... moreBest To Uncheck Unused Most Feature's & Enable Few Useful Feature To Improve Performance's. No Issue With My IP7P With 80%+ Battery Health.

  • Anonymous

Actualy now its not worth for gaming because when we are playing pubg on it lots of people facing multi touch issue problem very bad service iphone is giving

  • Oluchi

My iPhone 7plus of 2 years suddenly developed camera problem the back camera is very dark as if something blocked it but the front is working fine what can be the cause

Anonymous, 19 May 2021Maybe try using it for more basic use or uninstall a few ap... moreI have formated my phone way back in Dec 2020 and I just use WhatsApp and another app on it.

Anyways this is my secondary phone so I can maybe just live eith tge lag on it!!

Thx for ur suggestion.

  • Anonymous

JohnNy L, 08 May 2021After ios 14.4.1 update there is major lag and the phone is... moreMaybe try using it for more basic use or uninstall a few apps,it helps it speed up

  • Pinky

My iphone 7 plus backside Heavy Heat come any sugeestion

  • Anonymous

I have been thinking of buying a refurbished XR for myself thinking my phone is old. But my 7 plus has a trade-in of $90 and yet the battery is at 87%? I think I will hold off. I need a bigger touch screen. My fingertips are big from years of working on a computer. They are wide and flat!