Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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  • AnonD-569849

nick, 07 Sep 2016I wonder , why Note 7 battery burned at this time ? Note 7... moreLG G5 4GB Ram one plus 3 6GB Ram ZTE Axon 7 6 GB Ram and some more except samsung note 7 and NONE Burned

  • martin

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2016so you love exploding phones goodluck!fan guy everywhere

  • AnonD-569849

zero, 07 Sep 2016Will it Blend? Well you can blend a galaxy s7 edge watch techrax but I dont know if you can on this one

  • AnonD-569849

[deleted post]Best comment

  • AnonD-569849

Revoved 3.5 mm jack great apple great how am I going to use cars AUX why didnt they make it like the LG V20 with a B&O 32 bit sound I think this will be better

  • Ken

I prefer Huawei P9 Plus with Leica camera.

  • YoMama

[deleted post]So, you haven't heard about the iPhone 6 exploding, or the iPad Air exploding.... Lol, check all the facts before going around blabbering with your half knowledge

  • Nujh Odnamra

AnonD-451592, 07 Sep 2016I'm an ophthalmologist doctor and I can confirm from my stu... moreWhy? Can you show us?

  • AnonD-581991

if cell is on charging how can i plug head phone for call listening

  • NIK 88

Iphone 7 plus. Is ram realy 2GB. Not 3 gb as mentioned earlier ?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]so you love exploding phones goodluck!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-581983, 08 Sep 2016DISPLAY MATTERS MOST! I'm really disappointed with the Fu... morecan you tell me the difference of full hd vs 4k display on a 5.5" device, i doubt youll even notice

  • Karlanko

AnonD-451592, 07 Sep 2016I'm an ophthalmologist doctor and I can confirm from my stu... moreSpecially if you are hit with one, right?

  • Openhand

Yeah but it is going to be cheaper than the note 7 that explodes

  • AnonD-2441

There is information missing and some information are old of iPhone 6s Ram 3GB not 2GB

  • AnonD-581983

I'm really disappointed with the Full HD display resolution. This is supposed to be a PREMIUM device Apple!

  • s6 edge plus

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2016i use iphone 4 to 6 and they are just great performers on e... moredear sir did u ever use samsung high end phones for gaming. i am using s6 edge plus for high graphic games wid 4gb ram and 64bits processor... never heat and never hang. its flawless.. may be u are a normal user so u still happy wid iphone 4 and 6 lol.. try something better wid high spec samsung phones... dont think samsung has j series and grand series only lol

  • VM

Go get yourself a Note 7 then. Maybe you haven't heard its being recalled.

  • AnonD-581975

poor apple they're running out of unique idea's of their phone, omg they are copying the dual back camera on lg g5 hahahaha still lg has the great phones in this time, and the second is samsung :) #iphoneisnotasmartphone #DUMBphone

  • AnonD-527979

AnonD-527979, 08 Sep 2016Iphone 7s battery spec pls?Soory i mean 7plus