Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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  • Bassb

The iPhone 7 will be awesome at the end of the day anyone who disagrees or bad mouths it should just jump of a bridge because everything that we know so far about it is fantastic and the idea of it being able to charge wirelessly is awesome and it possibly being waterproof is fantastic aswell but I guess we'll just have to wait 2months to find out

  • Anonymous

Oh God ! Please don't put all your complaints here... This is not Apple ! Should E-mail Apple for your requests !

Having 2 GB RAM is fine with a Power packed Processor
Having 12 MP camera will be excellent with great combination of specs and options for the camera settings

  • s

Ram should be increase

  • codyh90

I do believe Apple should at least improve this device to a 3,000 mah li-po, 3-4gb ram and a 16mp camera to keep up with the ever growing Android market.

  • jai

option process done cost is high

  • Mikeel

Still 2GB? please make some progress TY

  • AlexaYawamo

when is the released date?

  • Mikkel

2hy 2Gb? 4Gb please

  • sreelesh

6 inch display 5000mah battery and 16mp camera needed

  • Dye

at least 24 megapixel camera

  • wow

AnonD-553851, 27 Jun 2016Why? This is not

  • AnonD-553851

Mr Kyaw, 27 Jun 2016Why are the RAM is 2GB It should be at least 3GB or 4BG RAmWhy? This is not android...

  • Mr Kyaw

Why are the RAM is 2GB It should be at least 3GB or 4BG RAm

  • Abdullah Shaikh

Why No headphone socket in phone

  • rmd

Apple may be put inside 4gb ddr4 ram as possible for plus or pro model.

  • AnonD-551840

why still f/2.2 aperture ? ? would be better with f/1.8. . .

  • AnonD-551523

iPhone lover, 17 Jun 2016no thank you apple. you can keep this one. Will be jumping ... moreNotice this is rumored, don't jump ship yet.

  • AnonD-551523

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2016Please don't tell me Apple is still putting a 2GM RAM and a... moreThis is just rumored. they will likely put 3 - 4 GB of RAM on there

  • who dont know...

Design and features can be changed! And 100 % its not correct and apple dont make this

  • Dissapointed

The only excuse i had for buying the iphone was that I didn't have to carry two devices (ipod for music and second device as a phone. Thank you apple for removing the 3.5mm socket and making my choice simple :) Andriod, here I come :)