Apple iPhone SE (2020)

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

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  • Anonymous

"Iphone 8 remastered (2020)"

  • Anonymous

they literally only change the processor holy shit. even the ip is still 67 what a joke

  • Anonymous

I m happy with my iPhone 7 :)

  • SGiSE

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2020Compact design is not a problem no one says your phone has ... moreSure you do know which tech company made the most profit in the world?

They made something new and sell you $399? Then who will buy 11 & Pro at double the price? No need knowledge, but just common sense.

Resolution sucks, battery too little at least try 2300mAh ,why the hell you need to put NVMe on 64 Gb memory, almost puked because of the camera, apple we ain't living in 2012. Nowadays Android phones progress faster than iPhone phones and sooner or later even the pride of iPhone which is it's processors will be shattered.
Apple You are using wrong engine on the wrong phone

Bledi, 17 Apr 2020More battery. 138.67.11 and 3000 the battery...Non-removable Li-Ion 1821 mAh battery

kamel alg, 18 Apr 2020Some people don't like big phones but no one hates more scr... moreCause the people that will be buying this really aren't concerned about that, the juat want an apple logo and iOS

kamel alg, 18 Apr 2020Some people don't like big phones but no one hates more scr... morePeople are liking this vintage iPhone look as far as I'm concerned

Dennis.K, 17 Apr 2020Thats another reason for this phone, not everybody wants a ... moreSome people don't like big phones but no one hates more screen to body ratio, apple could put a bigger screen in the same form factor but they are too greedy to do that

  • nunomrsa

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2020What a scam. From $399 In Canada though, $599 + 13% tax ... morehave you ever seen iphone 8 specs? or even better, have you ever seen iphone SE 2020 specs? lol... it just has only the best chip on the market... and iphone 8 doesnt... and several other things but i'll let you read about them elsewhere... :)

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2020You know this phone is really not for gamers, it doesn't ev... moreWell it's not only about me, this phone is not for almost everyone, the only people that will be happy with this shit are the original iPhone se users, they are so used to a microscopic screen they will see the 4.7" display as a huge upgrade...hahaha

  • Anonymous

Sam, 17 Apr 2020Everything is nice about this phone except battery, forgive... moreWell A13 Bionic is battery saver, its gonna be better than the iPhone 8 like atleast 1,5 times

  • Anonymous

kamel alg, 17 Apr 2020The problem isn't the outdated design, the problem is the s... moreHumans have a way of adjusting to whatever it is they are using. When i first got my I8 is as was a painful coming from a 5.7inch screen and the first week hurt but now i type faster on it than on a pc. I have this love for one hand operated phones. However my main Issue has to do with the battery, for that much powerful processor plus 4g internet i doubt if this can get through 5hours

  • Torch_tyb

This phone is poppin cuz it ain’t 2 big

  • Sam

Everything is nice about this phone except battery, forgive the bezels.

  • kindintu

relounch iphone 8

  • trilulilucoder

Dennis.K, 17 Apr 20201. The majority of the people buying this phone aren't heav... moreThe majority of the people will buy this phone because of the price (of the iPhone), not for any another reason (and, thats why, iPhone 10R (XR), was the best selling iphone from 2018, in 2019. Is it the best from that year? No way.. Same goes for iPhone 11, 11 is dominant because of cheaper price than 11 Pro, and 11 Max.

And bout battery capacity in Android phones.. friend we are in 2020 not in 2012.. There is no (new) phone that is based on Android os, with smaller battery than 3k, today is standard 4k, or 5k, there is a bunch phones with 6000mAh, thickness of those phones is the same as this phone, with 1800mAh, for example. But i agree, real life usage is more important than a spec, and in real life iPhone 11 Pro Max have really good battery, the rest, like i said you used to it, but also most of Android based phones with (at least 4000mAh, and that a like 95% today smartphones) habve more than good battery life, at least from known, A class OEMs.

I'm not sure if that's gonna help someone or not.. but I'm going go change to ios. i quit note9 and p30 pro(note 9 gonna sell, p30 pro holiday phone) to use iPhone se as a daily driver. I was always an android user, wife ios user... with the time i always liked the iPhone and ios.. but always corrupted by multiple devices of android..cameras battery display etc. But all of this changed when i put my hands on an old iPhone 8, i loved everything about that phone. Of course it didn't had the camera of the p30 pro.. or battery.. but the experience with it (10 minutes) it was precious. So i decided to buy this Iphone SE2020 for use as a daily driver.. I'm already pretty sure that would be more than enough. It has the best processor from apple (better then the one on iPhone 8) it means gooood performance, battery life.. and better camera results. I have my hands over s10.. no way, that's not premium imo, for the money should get more.So for those that say this phone is trash or for a category that really wanna see an apple on their devices, I'm telling you is not what you think. A13 is one year ahead of any android, tell me where you can buy a flagships cpu sd865 under 500$?...P30 pro vs iPhone 11 (my experience), tested in camera performance, iPhone 11 better.. android phones are good.. but I'm tired of them, tired of the bug sizes of the flagships... iPhone SE2020 is exactly what i. need, small phone, old fingerprint sensor.. thin.. and best cpu on the market.. So haters gonna hate.. idk why.. but after years of using android I'm finally going to ios, quiting 2 of the best android flagships(at their time).

trilulilucoder, 17 Apr 20201821mAh is 1821mAh, someone who used/use iPhone 8, knows ho... more1. The majority of the people buying this phone aren't heavy phone users otherwise they'd hav opted for a bigger phone

2. An android phone's battery life with the same battery capacity as this would be like 2-3x worse

  • geo

Really good price. Finally I can afford an iPhone again