Apple iPhone SE (2020) has 3 GB RAM, 1821 mAh battery

Yordan, 16 April 2020

Apple finally introduced the iPhone SE (2020) with an A13 Bionic chipset and an improved camera. The company kept its tradition not to reveal RAM and battery capacity of its devices, but thanks to a listing at China Telecom’s website, we got the details.

According to the carrier, the new iPhone has 3GB RAM, which is an increase over the 2GB of the iPhone 8, but lower than the 4GB in the other A13 phones in the iPhone 11 family. However, the power cell remains 1,821 mAh - exactly the same as the iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone SE (2020) has 3 GB RAM, 1821 mAh battery

Other specs that the iPhone SE (2020) inherited from the 2017 flagship are the screen, the 2014-style bezels, and the Touch ID home button. It also has the same footprint and overall design.

China Telecom will offer the phone in its three colors (White, Black, Red) with all three storage options - 64 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB. Prices begin from CNY3,299 ($465/€428) and go up to CNY4,599 ($650/€600).

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I showed 2 elderly, they said want my Samsung one ui back have to agree, they said iOS was confusing , and won't use things like memojis and reactions aimed at 20 yr olds. You just need to get what suits you, size budget ease of use. At 50 I even fi...

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Had to charge mine up 6pm .. damn

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