Apple iPhone X handled on video

Ivan, 24 October 2017

Welcome to your best look at the yet unreleased Apple iPhone X since the hands-on footage from its announcement.

The video below comes from YouTuber Brooke Amelia Peterson who visits Cupertino with her dad who seemingly works at Apple. In the video we're treated to a few minutes of hands-on with the iPhone X. The relevant stuff starts at around 3:00.

The video shows an iPhone X unit looking quite finished and ready for retail. It's even used to complete a payment with Apple Pay.

Enjoy the video while it's still up. It's a few days old but now but Apple might take action to pull it offline.

Update: As expected the video was taken down. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Update 2: The video is once again up on YouTube, but we expect it to be taken down soon.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

dumb girl Screwing with someones good job

  • Anonymous

The dad got himself fired from Apple for this video.Look it up.Dumb dumb move on his part

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