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Apple iPhone XS Max

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  • mr phone

Chris-the-Apple-boy, 12 Sep 2018It's an insanity, but for $750 you'll get the fastest phone on t... morenot really..the next snapdragon will appear until then. and it will cost less...

The phone who came with an ugly price tag with an ugly notch with an ugly non-customizable iOS with no Headphone jack and with an ugly battery capacity and endurance plus that same ugly recycled design from last year which was already pathetic. Shame on you Apple. Now we can all see why Apple is gonna get doomed as Huawei and Samsung achieve new heights. And please remove that "i" from "iPhone". Y'all don't even now know what's innovation.

Gold max 256 get in my pocket

And now kids we'll learn how to pronounce the name of the new iPhone.
Since Apple decided to use Roman numbers, the XS is not "10 S".
S in Roman stands for "½".
So the iPhone XS is basically iPhone 10½.
Thank you for your attention.

  • Anonymous

AppleFan1989, 12 Sep 2018Why would you need a Micro SD card slot in the new iPhones LOL W... moreAre you out of your mind look at the price of 512gb Iphone xs MAX? WTF is that, people who buy it are XXXXXX. Ladies and Gentleman buy whatever but this is what happens when humanity goes towards stupidines. They make shit products with prices that should be half. Good luck ! I owned Samsung, Apple and other brands, i can buy each one of them but they don't deserver.

omg 😯😯😯 my ancestors need to see sure they are happy am an android chinese clones will make more sales because these are just too expensive

  • Anonymous

and still no 3.5 headphone jack!

  • Joey

6.5" and still no room for a headphone jack

  • Warrior

I think my iPhone X will take me for the next 5 years at least. I dont think I ll waste money by upgrading every year, lol. This price is insane. iPhone X price was insane too at its release, but still it was the first all touch iPhone (without the home button), kind of special you know, hence in a way justifiable.

sa11oum, 12 Sep 2018Apple have gone rogue and out of control. 750$ for 326ppi phone ... moreIt's an insanity, but for $750 you'll get the fastest phone on the market till next september.


Nothing New except newer pricing. If you want to price high so as your specs ,else how you gonna convince people the worthy of it. You gonna lose out more this year. Let's see what Samsung gonna be next year.

  • Terence

1100 $, compare it to the 300 $ for the Oppo F9 that can do everything and more that XS Max can do...

  • battery low

iphone always best ...i hve 7plus but the main problem is battery drain too fast and charging is too late:((( my dad hve oneplus5t n my mom hve oneplus5 they both phone charge 10% to 90% in 20mins i hope this xs max hve 4000mah big battery and 3.0charge quick .. if yes so i can buy soon ;p

  • Chapppie

No 3.5 mm jack and $1100 still its a joke of the year
But some says its an innovation

  • TS

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2018And what you don't see is Samsung S9 and Note 9 looks also the s... more?????? The iPhone XS Max from the exterior is the same as it's predecessor

  • Anonymous

In Europe base mode iPhone Xs max 64 GB 1280 euro

It’s joke where the the people complain about Samsung note 9 price

It’s joke

sa11oum, 12 Sep 2018Apple have gone rogue and out of control. 750$ for 326ppi phone ... moreYou are so right

  • Troll

No 3.5 mm jack and still fools will say its an innovation
And price is $1100. Really apple and their fanboys makes me laugh

  • PoorMan

the 512GB Iphone XS Max is 1659 euros which translate to 7 month of work with minimum wage in my country :o

  • Dude

lololol I'll get the Honor 8x Max with 7" display instead for $240. Suck it, crapple :)