Apple starts selling officially refurbished iPhone XS and XS Max

Vlad, 20 January 2020

If you want an iPhone but don't want to shell out $999+, a good choice has always been purchasing a unit that has been officially refurbished by Apple. And starting today, that's become an option for the iPhone XS and XS Max.

If you're in the US, you can get either of these refurbished straight from the company's online store. The refurbished iPhone XS stats at $699 - with 64GB of storage. If you want the 256GB model, the price is $829, while the one with 512GB of storage can be yours for $999.

Apple starts selling officially refurbished iPhone XS and XS Max

If you're interested in the iPhone XS Max instead, the 64GB model is $799, the one with 256GB goes for $929, and the 512GB version is priced at $1,099.

In all cases, you're saving between $300 and $350 on these compared to their prices when they came out in September of 2018. What's more, Apple says all refurbished iPhones are thoroughly inspected, tested, cleaned, and repackaged in a new white box, with all manuals and accessories. You also get a brand new battery and outer shell, which means it's basically impossible to distinguish between a refurb and a new device.

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  • Note9 User

"and the 512GB version is priced at $1,099", OMG this is the refurbished price!, seriously?, with only 1 year warranty? My 8/512GB + Free bundled 512GB Evo Plus microSD card with 2 Years warranty cost less than this BRAND NEW in 2018!

Best comment! :))))

  • Anonymous

I don't think people here know what a refurbished apple product is. It says so on their website and i've had excellent refurbished products from apple. Long story short they are NEW devices. Everything you can touch is new. New casing (back and...

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