Apple starts selling officially refurbished iPhone XS and XS Max

20 January 2020
Yours from $699 and $799, respectively.

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This device aged quite well, and it still holds to the performance of 2021 flagship killers.

But the device is still extremely lacking in every aspect, and it's still very expensive.

The POCO F3 costs $340 while this is still around the $400 mark.

  • Note9 User

"and the 512GB version is priced at $1,099", OMG this is the refurbished price!, seriously?, with only 1 year warranty?

My 8/512GB + Free bundled 512GB Evo Plus microSD card with 2 Years warranty cost less than this BRAND NEW in 2018!

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020799 for a refurbished phone with only 64GB storage that's n... moreBest comment! :))))

  • Anonymous

I don't think people here know what a refurbished apple product is.
It says so on their website and i've had excellent refurbished products from apple.
Long story short they are NEW devices.
Everything you can touch is new. New casing (back and sides), new screen, new battery, same warranty.
I think they do it for tax purposes. Even on launch day they have refurbished devices! They give them out as replacement phones even though nobody has ever used them but I suppose they are classed as replacements/parts. They come sealed with the protective plastic on the screen and the whole experience and looks of the phone are the same as brand new.
They have a stock of these in the apple stores since day 1 of the release of a new device because apple would rather give you that instead of fix your phone. They have no need for a big stock of a previous gen replacement devices hence they now sell them for less.

  • Anonymous

Curtisjr1, 21 Jan 2020 moreReally don't understand how a pop-up or punch-hole camera looks better/is more convenient than a notch.
Pop-up means more moving, mechanical parts, and looks bad once opened.
Punch hole cameras are distracting and make the display look weird, kind of like it has dead pixels in a single spot.

All in all, the notch is the most aesthetic/pleasing/symmetrical design, and the more functional and reliable.

  • Anonymous

Just another antempt to change market... Until recently you had to change phone just to keep up with new OS versions. Now they go refurbished way, does this mean same hardware will last longer with more OS updates? Smells like a subtile way of saying "we can't keep up with Chinese production of new hardware...let's go the other way around". Let's wait and see if it works!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020you can drop a phone 10x, sell it, refurb it, and it stops ... moreUsed cars don't come with the full original warranty term reset, nor body panels and worn components replaced with new.

sanshiro, 21 Jan 2020That's madness ! There are so many offers on sites like ... moreHere in Slovakia the 64GB Iphone 11 is from 724 euros.

And the 128GB version is from 790 euros.

Note7 owner, 21 Jan 2020Apple refurbished items are treated as brand new when it co... moreYou are so funny speaking about this brand like this.
Used devices from a second hand could cost much less half price and will be equalyl good.
Who is going to pay 800 bucks for refurbrished device if brand new cost 50 bucks more.
This company is definitely creepy AF.

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020There was no mobiles in 80s.First phone was invented in 1800s and first mobile phone in 1980s

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020"What I am trying to say is, that second hand phones are li... moreyou can drop a phone 10x, sell it, refurb it, and it stops working as the warranty runs out..
you have no idea.

the car analogy is ok for me.

I don't care about people saying that you cannot afford any of the new iPhone 11 models, but I definitely believe that A12 iPhones are still the best buy, especially for the camera. I definitely hated the upgraded Smart HDR on the new iPhone - it oversharpens way too much. And there's no point using Deep Fusion, that only made things worse! I know I'm not getting the ultrawide camera, but I seldom use it on my Android phone. I frequently use telephoto instead all the time.

Apple definitely got its Smart HDR algorithm right first time with the XR/XS. Now it's just an oversharpened mess. Even on my puny 1366x768 laptop screen, I can see that severe oversharpening.

  • Carol

Note7 owner, 21 Jan 2020Apple refurbished items are treated as brand new when it co... moreHave you take a look at the price? Who has 888 has 999 to pay for a new one, this audacity to ask for so much for a refurbished devices beats any boundery of commun sense.

That's madness !
There are so many offers on sites like ebay, where you can find an iPhone 11 Pro for 750-850 euros NEW !!!!
Why would I give for an older and USED iphone X the same money, it's beyond me.

I hope it works for them.

  • Julian M

Good phone, but if you're going to shell out this kind of cash for a phone, shouldn't you get the latest model?

  • ashishsingh

Popy, 21 Jan 2020I wish apple did it in indiaIt's against Indian Law hence not allowed. Plus if it's allowed apple might just sell refurbished in India

LG Superfan, 21 Jan 2020Tell me a phone from 80s that had a notchAll the phones from the 80s had 100% usable screen real estate.
Apple is cheating their users by only allowing < 100%.


Bargain, value for money.

I wish apple did it in india