Apple's financial report reveals flat iPhone sales, but strong increase in ASP

Yordan, 02 November 2018

Apple posted its financial results for the Q3 of the year (and Q4 of its fiscal year). The highlight of the report is the revenue of $62.9 billion, over 20% increase on a yearly basis.

Apple quarterly results
Apple quarterly results

In Q4 2018 Apple sold 46.8 million iPhones and nearly 10 million iPads, both numbers almost exactly matching what it achieved this time last year. The revenue from the iPhones was significantly higher, though, due to the increase in the average selling price.

Services like Digital Content, AppleCare and Apple Pay brought in close to 10 billion in revenue, their best ever performance for a three-month period. It is a 5% jump quarter-to-quarter and an impressive 17% increase from Q4 2017.

The income between July and September was $14.125 billion, over 30% increase, compared to the same quarter last year.

Apple yearly results
Apple yearly results

The full year 2018 numbers show 265.6 billion of revenue, 15% more than the year before. Profit stood at $59.5 billion - a 23% increase YoY.



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