Report: Apple Watch Ultra with microLED display not coming until 2027

Ro, 06 February 2024

We've heard a lot about Apple's upcoming Watch Ultra with microLED display but each time a report goes out, it paints a more pessimistic picture. The latest analysis comes from The Elec and it suggests Apple's high-end smartwatch with microLED tech will arrive in 2027 at the earliest.

Apple Watch Ultra with microLED display likely to arrive in 2027

Supply chain analysts believe that Apple won't be able to secure a enough microLED displays at a reasonable price before that. The current Watch Ultra's display reportedly costs $40 for Apple to assemble, while the microLED screens will likely cost around $150.

That's a huge cost for Apple to accommodate, especially if it wants to sell the watch at a price premium with a decent margin, as it usually does.

This report claims that the Apple Watch Ultra with microLED may launch in 2027 or even later. It will take time for manufacturers to refine production and lower the cost just enough for Apple to agree.

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Higher bin parts does not mean better matierials it means they put the lower performing cpu/ram/gpu/etc in the lower priced devices and the higher priced devices get the higher performing top cpu/ram/gpu parts. The parts are all still the same but no...

Oh come on get real. They are selling a story.... Like any other sect. Their business model have always been the-emperors-new-clothes. And that is just fine with me - to each their own. Even if it WAS true that it was top shelf stuff that...

The higher priced devices/higher specd ones also have higher bin parts.. thats what you are paying for..

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