Apple will add TV+ to the $4.99/month Apple Music student subscription

Ivan, 30 October 2019

In its bid to become a services company (and not just a hardware one), Apple is aggressively pushing its latest TV+ streaming subscription, due to launch this Friday.

First it announced that it would bundle a free year of TV+ to any iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or iPod Touch, and now it will bundle TV+ for free with Apple Music' student subscription (worth $4.99 a month).

Normally Apple Music is $9.99 a month per device ($14.99 for a family subscription) and TV+ will be $4.99 a month as a family plan, so having both at $4.99 is quite the steal.

Apple will add TV+ to the $4.99/month Apple Music student subscription

The news was broken on Hailee Steinfeld of TV+' Dickinson's Instagram page. Apple hasn't put an expiration date on the offer as of now.

It's expected that Apple TV+ would have some 50-60 million devices eligible for a free year when it launches on November 1. That would put the service off to a great start, especially considering that the more-expensive ($6.99 per month) and non-bundled Disney+ comes out 11 days later.



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  • 31 Oct 2019
  • tx3

Thats why im always use pirate music and movies, i dont want support the creator :)

Like students have money to spare. Parents not always have money to waste on useless gimmicks like this one. A free streaming should be alowed everywhere. Same thing like Nicolai Tesla dream to give free electricity to every household in eve...

What is happening Apple is suddenly becoming nice... XD

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