Apple's AR/VR headset reportedly delayed until 2023, target price revealed

Ro, 17 January 2022

The detailed leaks and their frequency suggest that Apple's augmented reality/virtual reality headset's development is going at full speed. But according to the latest report from Bloomberg it has hit a snag and the headset, initially intended for announcement at year's WWDC and market release in the Fall, has slipped to 2023.

The publication cites a source familiar with the matter, who says overheating, software issues and camera problems are the main culprits for the delay. As a result, the headset will likely be announced towards the end of this year and will not hit the shelves until 2023.

Apple's AR/VR headset to have 8K displays and a $3,000 price tag, claims new report

A separate report by Bloomberg reveals that the starting price of the device would be over $2,000.

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Reader comments

  • whisper

oh come on apple! you know people would rather have foldable iphone rather than big vr/ar headset. your innovacy is dead now, how troublesome

  • Design Counts

When will people learn, Apple included, that no one wants VR or AR, unless it’s a turnkey solution, or in the case of AR, as an advanced HUD for vehicles and aircraft. People want to interact with real people in person, and no amount of Covid socia...

  • Anonymous

It will just work , cant wait.

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