Apple's AR/VR headset reportedly delayed until 2023, target price revealed

17 January 2022
Overheating issues are delaying the launch according to Bloomberg.

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  • whisper

oh come on apple! you know people would rather have foldable iphone rather than big vr/ar headset. your innovacy is dead now, how troublesome

  • Design Counts

When will people learn, Apple included, that no one wants VR or AR, unless it’s a turnkey solution, or in the case of AR, as an advanced HUD for vehicles and aircraft.
People want to interact with real people in person, and no amount of Covid social brainwashing by Facebook and Apple will change that. If they do, we’re doomed as a compassionate species. Vertical markets, (military training etc), yes, creepy metaverse type lifestyle, no thanks, and it should not be allowed by parents and guardians. Go outside children, it’s good for you and the planet.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 18 Jan 2022This is funny, Oculus from HTC is way cheaper and way mor... moreIt will just work , cant wait.

  • Anonymous

Knowing this is apple, i will assume it will be a VR like no other.

Based on the report, seeing that its the camera / tracking / software issue.. means that it definitely what they are going for. A VR set with no controllers, controlling completely by hand gestures.

It would be a plus if the camera can see thru at real time, and the user can move around, thus having that AR factor.

  • Nf

JLC, 18 Jan 2022Usually, Apple use the R&D efforts of other companies a... moreJesus..this is about headset vr/ar not ar glasses
There are two different products

  • K

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2022And Oculus Quest 2 is 299...... Overpriced Apple product!True. Well said.

Usually, Apple use the R&D efforts of other companies as well as the way others have already paved. But so far nobody has been kind to Apple to do this for AR glasses.
Microsoft HoloLens which was only sold tens of thousands times to hundreds of enterprises is not what I’m talking about.
Samsung had a VR headset and for good reason Samsung discontinued it. Google glasses showed the limits of social acceptance of AR glasses.

Apple has been waiting and probably believing themselves the BS that other companies would just build products based on rumours. Of course this is not the case.
So without a market for selling millions of devices and without ideas for use-cases, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, without technologies (=components/modules) developed by suppliers, Apple has no chance to build such a glass. They just put things together and put their badge on it. But without “those things” they can’t put AR glasses together.

There won’t be any Apple AR glasses any soon.

This is funny,
Oculus from HTC is way cheaper and way more compatible.
Noone will buy this thing because noone will spend so much on something which HTC does for many years from now and as always way better and way more superior.
Apple sees only money. But they as always gives half baked product as a reward.

  • Anonymous

toukale, 17 Jan 2022How can something that's never been acknowledge to eve... moreA company will have internal targets that can be missed or delayed.

Lol, Apple as usual is failing on realising, that VR glasses been invented 10 years ago and Samsung managed to make ones for 50 dollar price accesabke to everyone 5 years ago. Who will be in their right mind buying VR glases for 2k? :D

How can something that's never been acknowledge to even exist never mind announced be delayed? Instead, the title and article should said "the rumors got it wrong" and leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

Yeah yeah we know that story already. Everything from Apple is always delayed

  • Anonymous

And Oculus Quest 2 is 299......

Overpriced Apple product!

  • AnonD-1034642

AnonD-1030581, 17 Jan 2022Yes, no one poor will buy it...we already know who you areNo one with IQ more than Canada average temperature will buy an crapple product
They're good in being worse

  • AnonD-1030581

AnonD-1034642, 17 Jan 2022They know no one buys itYes, no one poor will buy it...we already know who you are

  • AnonD-1034642

They know no one buys it

  • Anonymous

Just imagine 2000$ Apple's AR/VR headset melting your head while using for a while

  • Anonymous

Over 2000 lol!!